Membership Application and Categories

Membership for July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019

2018-2019 Membership Renewal Instructions and Examples

$125  Junior Skater (under 18) with Parent/Guardian (2 members)

$100  Senior Skater or Non-Skating Adult

$  50  Additional Family Members (not for Learn to Skate)

$120  Collegiate (4yr membership)

$  85  Introductory Junior Skater with Parent/Guardian (2 members)

$  70  Skating Professional

$100  Second Club (Associate Member)

$  45 Learn to Skate (previously Basic Skills)

Complimentary Membership – contact membership chairperson


Only regular members in good standing 18 years and older have North Jersey FSC voting privileges. We want you to voice your opinion(s) on club matters, however, you must be a member to do so.

Membership Application

On-line applications – PREFERRED/FAST method to join the club:

Click HERE to access the online membership system, enter your data and pay by credit card.