11. What competitions are available for my child at the North Jersey FSC?

Dalia - Jr Nationals Competition

Dalia - Jr Nationals Competition

Please see the competition section of our web site.  We host a variety of competitions that include in-house and open basic skills.  We are the host club for the Garden State Games competition each year in the early summer. This competition is open to all skaters, including basic skills levels. Club members receive emails about this event. There are plenty of other competitions available for skaters in our area. Once you express an interest in having your child compete, your coach will inform you of other competition opportunities.  We also list upcoming events on our web site.

12. What does my child need to wear for a competition?

For competitions, you will want your child to wear dressier skate wear. They can be purchased new or used, made by a seamstress, or if you are handy with a needle and thread, you can make them yourself. Our families bring in many gently used dresses for our skate sale, so even if you do not need skates, plan to attend the sale for competition as well as practice wear!

13. I have heard of the other skaters “testing”. What does that mean and should my child do this?

Testing is the natural progression in figure skating as skaters learn new elements and skills – like learning musical scales or your abc’s!. When your coach thinks your child is ready, your child can participate in a Test Day at NJFSC. Judges sit at the side of the ice as your child skates the particular elements required for that test. Tests are scored only on a “pass” or “retry” basis. If the skater performs adequately, that skater receives word from the judges that they have passed their test. Later in the year, the NJFSC test chair will provide your skater with a certificate from US Figure Skating. There are pins that NJFSC provides from the USFSA so that the skater can proudly show the level they have passed. Most of our skaters strive to get to higher skating levels. For the skater who shies away from competition, testing through the levels is a great way to mark progress and set new goals to achieve. The latest testing dates and information are found on our web site or by calling the Test Chair.

14. My child is spending more and more time at the rink. How can I get involved in what she is doing? The other moms seem so knowledgeable. I don‘t know much about figure skating, but I am willing to learn.

The North Jersey Figure Skating Club is always looking for more volunteers. You need no previous knowledge about skating in order to assist the club. You can ask your coach to introduce you to a current NJFSC Board member. They will find an area you are comfortable in helping with. They will also introduce you to some of the other club parents like you! You can also look on our volunteer page to see some of the ways you can become involved in our club.

15. What other skating opportunities are there for my child at NJFSC?

Some skaters show an interest in Ice Dance, which is a beautiful and powerful aspect of figure skating that does not require jumps and spins. Learning dances also strengthens a skater‘s edge quality. There are several top-notch dance instructors that teach at NJFSC ice rinks. There are also Synchronized Skating Teams (large maneuver teams) in the area that we can put you in touch with.

16. How do I get more information about the North Jersey Figure Skating Club or any of its programs?

You can phone us at (201) 358-6581. You can access our website at www.northjerseyfsc.org. Or, feel free to pop into Ice Vault, Fritz Dietl, Floyd Hall, or Skylands ice rinks any time they are open.

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