1. Why are there different levels of membership?

The United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) developed a Basic Skills program called “Learn-to-Skate.” This membership category includes eight levels that allow you to develop basic skating skills, whether your goal is figure or hockey skating. Each level has a set of elements, skating steps or techniques that build on one another.

There is a separate membership for children and adults in basic skills that also include a transitional group to higher US Skating levels for tests and competitions.

Once a skater passes through basic skills (by ability) and reaches the pre-preliminary level of US Skating (start of the “Standard” test or competitive track), they must be a full member of North Jersey FSC and US Skating.  NJFSC suggests family memberships as the best vailue to you, it registers Skater, Mom, Dad and one more family member or skater.


Coach Kathleen Baker

Coach Kathleen Baker

1. My child has been taking group lessons in the Learn to Skate program (Basic Skills) or in general group lessons, but we have noticed that some skaters work on an individual basis with the coaches. How does that work?

Your child may begin taking private lessons at any time. He or she does not have to complete all the Learn to Skate (Basic Skills) levels or group levels first. The main reasons for taking private lessons are:

To help your child progress at a faster rate,
To receive the benefits from individualized instruction geared to your child‘s learning style and personality,
If you think your child would like to enter skating competitions.

2. How do I set up private lessons?

You may approach any of the coaches directly as they are all independent contractors. You do not necessarily have to choose your child’s Learn to Skate or group lesson coach.

3. How would I know which skating pro to choose?

Perhaps your child has a favorite coach from their Learn to Skate or group lessons. Maybe you have noticed a particular style of teaching that has impressed you. If you are still unsure, each coach should have current references that you may contact for more information. The North Jersey FSC Board of Directors cannot recommend a coach.

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