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Seek other parents’ opinions on coaches. Learn as much as you can about figure skating, the testing levels, and how competitions are run. A great resource is right here at North Jersey Figure Skating Club. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Young Rosie Tovie

“Young” Rosie Tovi with Maestro Vincenzo Celli in his ballet studio NYC during office training

Your Observations and Follow-Up

Once you determine your child’s needs, interviewed coaches, selected the one that you believe can take your child to the next level, have verifiable credentials, you’re really not finished.

You need to observe lessons (from the lobby) and continue a respectful and open dialogue. This will prevent future problems and always leads to a better relationship.

Remember, always be respectful of coaches and of other skaters/parents in the interactions that you have.


The North Jersey Figure Skating Club is a participant in the US Figure Skating Safesport Program and each member is asked to read and acknowledge the Safesport Code of  Conduct.

For more information, please click HERE.

To report any actual, alleged, or potential abusive behavior, please contact the Safesport representative at

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