Test Sessions

Test Sessions:

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COVID-19 & Test Session Updates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our rinks are not operating at “Business As Usual” at this time, therefore, Test Sessions are not scheduled until further notice. As things evolve, we will be sure to notify the club members when Test Sessions are scheduled. Hope everyone is staying safe!


NJFSC: We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!  At this time we do not have any updates with regards to when rinks will be able to reopen.  We will continue to keep you posted as we get more information.  Thank you and continue to check back for updates!

NJ Black Diamonds announce Spring Skating Clinics

NJ Black Diamonds Spring Skating Clinic: Come join the fun!

National Qualifying Series

The NQS, held June 1 through September 15, is an extension of the U.S. Figure Skating qualifying pipeline.  The series gave juvenile through senior level athletes in singles, pairs and dance the opportunity to compete at official competitions nationwide to earn scores that resulted in national and sectional rankings.  Singles athletes who ranked in the top six in their section secured a spot at their respective Sectional Singles Final, while pairs and dance teams ranking in the top three nationwide earned their spot at the U.S. Pairs or U.S. Dance Final.  More than 230 athletes qualified for their sectional or U.S. Final through this system. The following skaters earned personalized certificates along with a pin showing their level of achievement: Gold Pins:  top 25% at their level; Silver Pins:  top 50% at their level; Multi-Colored:  competed at a contested NQS event, but did not earn a gold or silver distinction.

GOLD PIN WINNERS: Anna Sophia O’Brien, Kirk Haugeto Paige Parlapiano, Robert Yampolsky.

SILVER PIN WINNERS: Adrian Vecchio, Ava Battaglia, Jillian Falletta, Kristina Haviland.

MULTI-COLORED PIN WINNERS: Adelyn Hoo, Amanda Hsu, Anton Fomin, Audrey Steinbach, Sara Neivert, Valeria Gusarova, Victoria Haviland.

Congratulations to Robert Yampolsky for skating above his level in the Junior Men’s event at the 2020 U.S. Championships! We are so proud of you!

Tests Passed – November 2019

Carinna Leung – Pre Preliminary Freeskate/Juvenile MIF

Georgia Arbeeny – Pre Preliminary MIF

Jada Tai – Pre Preliminary MIF

Jolene Tai – Pre Preliminary MIF

Rachel Tan – Pre Preliminary MIF

Sophie Mak – Pre Preliminary MIF

Gabriella Shapiro – Preliminary MIF

Lara Kawle – Preliminary MIF

Kiley Kochanski – Pre Juvenile MIF

Samaiya July – Pre Juvenile MIF

Lucas Schultz – Pre Juvenile MIF

Nicole Mastropasqua – Juvenile MIF

Sarah Li – Juvenile Freeskate

Pei-En (Emma) Liao – Intermediate MIF

Nicole Borshchevsky – Intermediate MIF

Jenna Gu – Novice Freeskate

Anya Gu – Junior Freeskate

Aviva Rand – Solo Dutch Waltz/Solo Rhythm Blues/Solo Fiesta Tango(Completes Solo Preliminary Dance Test)

Karen Humpreys – Adult Swing Dance/Adult Cha Cha/ Adult Fiesta Tango (Completes Adult Pre Bronze Dance Test)

Lily Shreiber – Intermediate MIF/Solo Fiesta Tango/Solo Cha Cha/Solo Swing Dance (Completes Solo Pre Bronze Dance Test)

Philip Reyman – Fourteenstep

Trinity Cirinelli – Solo American Waltz/Solo Rocker Foxtrot

Tests Passed – October 2019

Tests Passed – October 2019


Alyssa Kim – Pre Preliminary MIF

Erica Kim – Pre Preliminary MIF

Anna DeSimone-Kiss – Pre Preliminary MIF

Ariana Sabharwal – Pre Preliminary MIF

Isabel Maroko – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kelly Dudonis – Pre Preliminary MIF

Lucy Ro – Pre Preliminary MIF

Zoe Mogen – Pre Preliminary MIF

Everett Hall – Pre Preliminary MIF

Grace Gu – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kristen Liu – Pre Preliminary MIF

Inna Bukach – Pre Preliminary MIF

Abigail Nazzola – Preliminary MIF

Karen Hotz – Pre Juvenile MIF

Noa Levy – Pre Juvenile MIF

Evie Stambler – Pre Juvenile MIF/Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Erin Wei-En Liao – Intermediate MIF

Quinn Correa – Novice MIF

Anya Gu – Novice Freeskate

Jenna Gu – Junior MIF

Anna Sophia O’Brien – Junior MIF

Megan Neer – Adult Gold MIF

Emma Oscilowski – Solo Dutch Waltz/Solo Canasta Tango/Solo Rhythm Blues  

(Completes Preliminary Dance Test)/Solo Swing Dance/Solo Cha Cha/Solo Fiesta Tango (Completes Pre- Bronze Dance Test)/Solo Hickory Hoedown/Solo Willow Waltz/Solo Ten Fox (Completes Bronze Dance Test)

Pamela Federbusch – Adult Paso Doble

Kristina Haviland – Solo European Waltz/Solo Foxtrot/Solo Fourteenstep(Completes Pre Silver Solo Dance Test/Juvenile Free Dance)

Alexandra Perez – Solo Dutch Waltz/Solo Rhythm Blues/Solo Canasta Tango (Completes Preliminary Solo Dance Test)     

Congratulations to our National Solo Dance Competitors!

  • Kristina Haviland 
  • Anna-Sophia O’Brien
  • Emma Oscilowski
  • Brooke Tufts
Kristina Haviland
Anna Sophia O’Brien
Emma Oscilowski
Brooke Tufts

Tests Passed – August 2019

Enaiyah Martini – Pre Preliminary MIF

Katelyn Marants – Pre Preliminary MIF

Theresa Semaria – Pre Preliminary MIF

Meadow Medina – Pre Preliminary MIF

Searle Conches – Preliminary MIF

Anna Chang – Preliminary MIF

Lina Yim – Preliminary MIF

Amanda Chin – Preliminary MIF/Pre Preliminary FS

Harper Schmid – Preliminary FS

Francine Villarama – Pre Juvenile/Juvenile MIF

Leah Sharpe – Juvenile MIF

Grace Duffy – Juvenile MIF

Estella Riley – Juvenile MIF

Alden Hogg – Intermediate MIF

Adelyn Hoo – Intermediate MIF

Claire Ferguson – Intermediate MIF

Nicole Christou – Novice MIF/Rocker Foxtrot

Natalia Rusin – Junior MIF

Brianna Zubato – Novice Freeskate/Junior MIF

Philip Reyman – Swing Dance/Hickory Hoedown/Willow Waltz/Ten Fox (COMPLETES PRE BRONZE & BRONZE DANCE TESTS)

Cassandra Cavuoto – Junior Freeskate/American Waltz/Tango/Rocker Foxtrot (COMPLETES SILVER DANCE TEST)

Jillian Falletta – Senior MIF

Jennifer Allan – Senior MIF

Amy Rodak – Senior MIF/Preliminary FS

Anya Gu – Senior MIF

Jacqueline Preuninger  – Senior MIF