Congratulations to Tara Cioppa and Stephen Trzaska, Gold Medalist Championship Pairs

Tara Cioppa and Stephen Trzaska, 2017 Eastern Adult Sectional Championship Pairs Gold Medalists

Congratulations to Deana Crisso Sroka, Gold Medalist 2017 Eastern Adult Sectional

Deana Crisso Sroka, Gold Medalist 2017 Eastern Adult Sectional Int/Nov Ladies

Congratulations to Robert Yampolsky for his US National Silver Medal in Juvenile Boys!

Robert Yampolsky, 2017 US Figure Skating National Silver Medalist

Robert Yampolsky, 2017 US Figure Skating National Silver Medalist.

New Jersey Black Diamonds continue awesome results!!!!

New Jersey Black Diamonds are awesome at 2017 Eastern Synchro Championships: Pre-Juvenile advances and finished 8th in the FINAL round; Preliminary 7th in qualifying round;  Earn Medals at Terry Connors Synchro Open and Colonial Classic!

terry-connors-synchro-collageColonial Classic Results:

Pre-Juvenile: 2nd Place

Beginner: 2nd Place

Preliminary: 7th Place

Congratulations to our New Jersey Black Diamonds, Essex Synchro Classic!

collage-1Our Beginner, Preliminary and Pre-Juvenile Teams!

Pre-Juvenile earned a Silver Medal!

Our Preliminary Team placed 5th.

Congratulations Robert and Steven & Paige for qualifying for Nationals! Terrific skating by Chelsea and Willie! We are so PROUD of you. Tony: best wishes for a speedy recovery from your injury!


Congratulations to our ISU Adult International Competitors


Pamela Federbucsh:

Gold Medal: Gold Woman III Freeskate; Bronze Medal: Masters Woman Artistic III, Bronze Medal: Bronze Pattern Dance


Rick Breitweiser:

Gold Medal: Gold Men Artistic IV;  Silver Medal: Gold Men Freeskate IV

Other Placements:

Kyoko Hikita: 8th place Silver Woman III Freeskate; 10th place, Silver Woman III Artistic

Norie Kashimura: 14th place, Silver Woman II Freeskate   

Congratulations to our North Atlantic Competitors!


North Jersey FSC members who have qualified for the 2017 Eastern Sectional:

Tony Lu, Junior Men

Chelsea Mischuk, Junior Ladies

Steven Rossi, Intermediate Pairs

Robert Yampolsky, Juvenile Boys

Willie Sun, Juvenile Boys


First Place

            Maliah Utley – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            Nikolett Albrechtovics – Novice Freeskate (QR)

Second Place

            Katie Zhang – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            Robert Yampolsky – Juvenile Freeskate (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

            Chelsea Mischuk – Junior Freeskate (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

Third Place

       Summer Kaminski – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

Fourth Place

       Willie Sun – Juvenile Freeskate (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

            Jillian Falletta – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            Chelsea Mischuk – Junior Short

            Anna Vernikov – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            Lana Utley – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

            Ashley Le – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            Taylor Ricca – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

Other Placings

       5th Place – Shea Ross – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

            5th Place – Elaina Schach – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            6th Place – Kelly Koons- Junior Freeskate

            6th Place – Ashley Le – Novice Short

            7th Place – Eliana Schach – Novice Short

            7th Place – Kelly Koons – Junior Short

            7th Place – Ava Battaglia – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            7th Place – Ashley Le – Novice Freeskate

            8th Place – Adrian Vecchio – Juvenile Freeskate

            8th Place – Kristina Haviland – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            8th Place – Summer Kaminski – Intermediate Short

            9th Place – Alexa Nazarko – Junior Short/Junior Freeskate

            9th Place – Natalia Rusin – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            9th Place – Nikolett Albrechtovics – Novice Freeskate (FR)

            10th Place – Cassandra Cavuoto – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            10th Place – Ava Sloboda – Junior Short/Junior Freeskate

            10th Place – Katie Zhang – Juvenile Freeskate (FR)

            10th Place – Eliana Schach – Novice Freeskate (FR)

            10th Place – Sara Neivert – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

            11th Place – Anna Vernikov – Novice Short/Novice Freeskate

            11th Place – Taylor Ricca – Intermediate Short

            13th Place – Taylor Ricca – Intermediate Freeskate (FR)

13th Place – Jacqueline Buckenberger – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            14th Place – Dana Fialkowski – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            15th Place – Maliah Utley – Juvenile Freeskate (FR)

            15th Place – Farrah Way – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            16th Place – Nikolett Albrechtovics – Novice Short

            18th Place – Summer Kaminski – Intermediate Freeskate (FR)

            19th Place – Lana Utley – Intermediate Freeskate (FR)

            20th Place – Lana Utley – Intermediate Short

            22nd Place – Jillian Falletta – Juvenile Freeskate (FR)

Congratulations Lena Lewis and Tiffany Wu!

Tiffany Wu

Pewter Medal – Senior Combined

2nd Place – International Solo Pattern Dance (QR)

8th Place – International Solo Pattern Dance (FR)

Lena Lewis

11th Place – Novice Solo Combined Dance (QR)

Lena Lewis

Tiffany WU

Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Award Winners!


President’s Award

Olivia Awe

Senior Achievement Award

Elliot Jang

Junior Achievement Award

Victoria Haviland

Adult Achievement Award

Pamela Federbusch

Freeskate Award

Nikolett Albrechtovics

Moves in the Field Award

Amanda Hsu

Dance Award

Lena Lewis

Basic Skills Award

Megan Lutz

NJFSC – Floyd Hall Arena

Deana Sroka

NJFSC – Fritz Dietl Ice Skating Rink

Kayla Creagh

NJFSC – Skylands Ice World

Ashley Le

NJFSC – Staten Island Pavilion

Carolyn Ellis