NJ Black Diamonds Preliminary Team -4th Place — Essex Synchro Classic!

NJ Black Diamonds Synchro Season to Start!

Meet our Intermediate Team. 1st Place — Essex Synchro Classic! 4th Place — Terry Connors Synchro Competition.

National Qualifying Series

The NQS, held June 1 through September 15, is an extension of the U.S. Figure Skating qualifying pipeline.  The series gave juvenile through senior level athletes in singles, pairs and dance the opportunity to compete at official competitions nationwide to earn scores that resulted in national and sectional rankings.  Singles athletes who ranked in the top six in their section secured a spot at their respective Sectional Singles Final, while pairs and dance teams ranking in the top three nationwide earned their spot at the U.S. Pairs or U.S. Dance Final.  More than 230 athletes qualified for their sectional or U.S. Final through this system. The following skaters earned personalized certificates along with a pin showing their level of achievement: Gold Pins:  top 25% at their level; Silver Pins:  top 50% at their level; Multi-Colored:  competed at a contested NQS event, but did not earn a gold or silver distinction.

GOLD PIN WINNERS: Anna Sophia O’Brien, Kirk Haugeto Paige Parlapiano, Robert Yampolsky.

SILVER PIN WINNERS: Adrian Vecchio, Ava Battaglia, Jillian Falletta, Kristina Haviland.

MULTI-COLORED PIN WINNERS: Adelyn Hoo, Amanda Hsu, Anton Fomin, Audrey Steinbach, Sara Neivert, Valeria Gusarova, Victoria Haviland.

Congratulations to our Eastern Sectional Singles Competitors!

Eastern Sectional Singles

GOLD MEDALS : Robert Yampolsky – Novice Short/ Novice Freeskate

BRONZE MEDALS: Tony Lu – Senior Short/Senior Freeskate


5th Place – Kirk Haugeto – Juvenile Boys Freeskate

12th Place – Amanda Hsu – Junior Ladies Freeskate

14th Place – Adrian Vechio – Intermediate Men

16th Place – Anton Fomin – Juvenile Boys Freeskate

Congratulations to Robert Yampolsky for his Gold Medal Performance in Novice Men at the 2020 Eastern Sectional Final!

Congratulations to Anna Sophia O’Brien and Steven Wei for winning the Pacific Coast Sectional Ice Dance Challenge and finishing third in the US National Dance qualifying series. They advanced to the US Dance Finals and finished 6th!

North Jersey FSC skaters earn 4 medals at the ISU International Adult Figure Skating Championships!

Richard Breitweiser – 2 Gold Medals, Gold Men IV Interpretative and Gold Men IV Freeskate

Rick with Coach Debbie Davis in the Kiss and cry after the freeskate.

Pamela Federbusch – Gold in Master’s Ladies III and IV Freeskate, Silver in Master’s Ladies III Interpretative

III and IV Freeskate, Silver in Master’s Ladies III Interpretative

Pamela Federbusch

Kyoko Hikita – 12th Silver Ladies III Interpretative; 15th Silver Ladies III Freeskate

Norie and Kyoko with Coach Vladimir Karpov

Norie Kashimura – 17th Silver Ladies III Freeskate

Congratulations to our North Atlantic Challenge Competitors! Terrific Skating!


    Valeria Gusarova – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)


    Paige Parlapiano – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

    Adrian Vecchio – Intermediate Short/Intermediate FS

Pewter Medals

    Amanda Hsu – Junior Ladies Combined (4th in Short) (3rd in Freeskate)


         5th Place – Anton Fomin – Juvenile Boys Freeskate

         5th Place – Jillian Falletta – Intermediate FS (QR)

         5th Place – Ava Battaglia – Intermediate FS (QR)

         6th Place – Sara Neivert – Junior Combined FS        

                  (4th in Freeskate – 9th in Short)

         8th Place – Kristina Haviland – Juvenile FS (QR)

         8th Place – Paige Parlapiano – Juvenile FS (FR)

         8th Place – Ava Battaglia – Intermediate Combined FS

                  (7th in Short – 8th in Freeskate)

         9th Place – Victoria Haviland – Juvenile Freeskate

         10th Place – Adelyn Hoo – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

         10th Place – Jennifer Allan – Intermediate FS (QR)

         11th Place – Audrey Steinbach – Juvenile FS (QR)

         11th Place – Jill Baker – Juvenile FS (QR)

         13th Place – Anastasia Zamsha – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

         13th Place – Alyssa Lerner – Intermediate FS (QR)

         13th Place – Jillian Falletta – Intermediate Combined FS

                           (11th in Short – 13th in Freeskate)

         14th Place – Wren Cindrich – Intermediate FS (QR)

         19th Place – Valeria Gusarova – Juvenile Freeskate (FR)


Paige Parlapiano – most points for spins in the group

Valeria Gusarova – achieved a clean double axle or triple in their program

Jennifer Allan – most points for spins in the group

Ava Battaglia – achieved a clean double axle or triple in their program

Adrian Vecchio – most points for spins in their group/most points for Performance Component – RECEIVED TWO PINS



Leah Sharpe – No Test Freeskate

Amy Rodak – Excel Preliminary Plus Freeskate


Adrian Vecchio – Intermediate Final (3rd in short/2nd in Long)


Harper Schmid – Preliminary Freeskate

Olivia Donayre – Preliminary Freeskate

Kirk Haugeto – Juvenile Freeskate

Paige Parlapiano – Juvenile (QR) Freeskate


4th Place – Alexandra Perez – Open Juvenile Freeskate

5th Place – Harper Yappen – Preliminary Freeskate

5th Place – Searle Conches – No Test Freeskate

6th Place – Adelyn Hoo – Juvenile (QR) Freeskate

8th Place – Anton Fomin – Juvenile Freeskate

8th Place – Valeria Gusaroa – Juvenile (QR) Freeskate

9th Place – Antonella Falzarano – Preliminary Freeskate       

11th Place – Jill Baker – Juvenile (QR) Freeskate

11th Place – Audrey Steinbach – Juvenile (QR) Freeskate

14th Place – Paige Parlapiano – Juvenile (FR) Freeskate

Results from the 2019 US Solo Dance Nationals

Junior Combined Solo Dance, Brooke Tufts 5th Place

Juvenile Combined Solo Dance, Emma Oscilowski 9th place; Anna Sophia O’Brien, 16th place; Kristina Haviland, 19th Place.