See an amazing interview with 1982 World Champion Elaine Zayak

Jennifer Kirk (the 2000 Junior World Champion and Senior National Bronze and Pewter Medalist) and North Jersey’s David Lease conducted a wonderful interview with one of our all time greats, Elaine Zayak.  Check out

Elaine was a member of the North Jersey Figure Skating Club (I think up through Intermediate) and in 1982, won the Senior Ladies World Championship.  She was a member of the 1984 Olympic Team.

Elaine completed a “comeback” journey in 1994 – at the age of 28!  Some of you may recall that she was truly AMAZING and finished 4th at National’s that year, thus becoming an alternate for the 1994 Olympic Team.

The interview by Jenny and Dave is a great study on a special person and a remarkable champion. Check it out and hear  what it is like to truly be on top of the podium!

Here are the links to the interview so that you can watch on “you tube”:


State Games of America Hotel Block

HUGE thank you to Wendy Drake-Schneider for working to secure a room block for North Jersey Skaters during the 2013 State Games of America Competition.

Here is the information (it will be on web page and newsletter too).

Hotel: Wingate by Wyndham York 105 State Street, Rt 30 and North George Street, York, PA 17404

All USFSA skating will be at the York City Arena, the Wingate rate is $125 per night which includes breakfast and wi-fi. Below you will find the Internet link for our group’s members to book their rooms at the Wingate by Wyndham York for the 2013 State Games of America.

 Currently, the hotel could hold only 6 rooms—but Wendy can contact the hotel and get more rooms as needed…the available dates for your group are 30 July for check-in and 6 August for check-out…they can book any dates in-between as well. If anyone would prefer to book by phone, our reservations hotline is 855-476-6976 or 702-476-6976.

 Those booking by phone that they need to mention that they are booking in the North Jersey Figure Skating Club room block. See below for the Internet link:

The release date for this block of rooms is June 20, 2013—which means members must book their rooms by that date. There is no penalty or attrition to worry about—but after June 20th, we will release this block of rooms to the general public for booking.

 If anyone has any problems or questions for hotel info and shirts/jackets they can contact Wendy @ or 973-768-2967 ( cell)and/or Tony (our Connections hotel contact) will sort them out.

 Also if anyone calls or books a room and they cannot get one please contact Wendy and she will have Tony get us more rooms.  Poste for: Wendy Drake-Schneider

Best of Luck to our 2013 US Synchronized Figure Skating National Competitors!

Best of Luck to our 2013 Synchronized Figure Skating National Competitors!


Tessa Lytle  – Synchroettes

Angela Maliakal – Skyliners


Rachel Oberman – Skyliners


Ayano Endo – Synchroettes

Synchro Season is Here!: Good Luck to all!

Synchro Season is Here!: Good Luck to all!

New Jersey Black Diamonds Beginner Team (North Jersey FSC):

Jane Einreinhofer

Jillian Falletta

Olivia Lee

Brooke Mortillo

Gabby Rodek

Taylor Shawgo

Natalia Rusin

Lana Utley

Maliah Utley

Synchroettes (Essex Skating Club of New Jersey):

Ayano Endo – Novice

Lauren Soga – Intermediate

Brianne Soga  – Intermediate

Esther  Pesochin  – Intermediate

Tessa Lytle is – Juvenile

Rachel Schneider – Pre-Juvenile

Skyliners (Skating Club of New York):

Rachel Oberman – Intermediate

Angela Maliakal – Juvenile

Precisely Right (Skating Club of Morris):

Elizabeth Bottoni – Juvenile

Allison Bottoni – Juvenile

Sydney Ma – Pre-Juvenile

Amanda Palomba – Pre-Juvenile

Kaitelyn Bottoni – Beginner

2013 NJCFSC Grace Moore Memorial Scholarship

Click 2013 Grace Moore Assistance Scholarship to download the application for the 2013 Grace Moore Memorial Competitors’ Assistance Scholarship Award Application

2012-2013 NJCFSC Academic Honors Team Application

Click 2012-13 NJCFSC Academic Honors Team Application to download the 2012-2013 NJCFSC Academic Honors Team Application

DEADLINE: February 1, 2013

Test Results – December 2012


Sandra Maso – Dutch Waltz/Rhythm Blues/Canasta Tango (COMPLETES PRELIMINARY DANCE LEVEL)

Megan Belgrave – Foxtrot

Julie Neerhout – Fourteenstep/Foxtrot

Brianne Soga –HickoryHoedown

Lauren Soga –HickoryHoedown

Francesca Black – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary MIF

Grace Miguel – Pre Preliminary MIF

Tamara Kim – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary MIF – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Daniela Sotland – Pre Preliminary MIF/Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Lana Utley – Pre Preliminary MIF

Cara Schmidt – Pre Preliminary MIF

Rachel Schmidt – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kristina Haviland – Pre Preliminary MIF

Madison Roberts – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Michele McDevitt – Preliminary MIF

Emma Moskowitz – Preliminary MIF

Jonathan Lai – Pre Juvenile MIF

Kenneth Lai – Pre Juvenile MIF

Katie Kreutz – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Shea Ross – Juvenile Freestyle

Katelyn Villarie – Juvenile Freestyle

Emilee Rodolfo – Juvenile Freestyle

Nikolett Albrechtovics – Intermediate MIF

Elaine Alvarez- Intermediate MIF

Ava Sloboda – Intermediate Freestyle

Beighley Berger – Novice MIF

Renata Zachariah – Fourteenstep

Test Results – November 2012


Emma Donnelly – Pre Preliminary MIF

Arissa Ng – Pre Preliminary MIF

Alexandra Alben – Pre Preliminary MIF/Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Ashley Mooney – Pre Preliminary MIF

Michael Carbonaro – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Talia Kruzhkov – Preliminary MIF

Veronica Royzen – Preliminary MIF

Veronica Voronkov – Pre Juvenile MIF

Annabelle Bunis – Pre Juvenile MIF

Emilee Rodolfo – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Shea Ross – Pre Juvenile Freestyle / Juvenile MIF

Taylor Ricca – Juvenile Freestyle

Kelly Lau – Juvenile MIF

Sasha Kulik – Juvenile MIF

Angela Maliakal – Intermediate MIF/Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Nicolette Suberska – Novice MIF

Gabrielle Patracuolla – Novice MIF

Isabella Smith – Junior MIF

Ariel La Roche – Senior MIF

Hoi Shan Wu – Adult Pre Bronze Freestyle/Adult Bronze MIF

Emma Jang – Intermediate Freestyle

Emma Montoya – Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Dutch Waltz (COMPLETES PRELIMINARY DANCE LEVEL)

Rachel Oberman – Swing Dance, Fiesta Tango (COMPLETES PRE BRONZE DANCE LEVEL)


Simone Kim – Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues, Canasta Tango (COMPLETES PRELIMINARY DANCE LEVEL)

Swing Dance, Canasta Tango,  Cha, Cha (COMPLETES PRE BRONZE DANCE LEVEL)

HickoryHoedown,WillowWaltz, Ten Fox (COMPLETES BRONZE DANCE LEVEL)

Skylands Ice World of NJ has Reopened!

Skylands Ice World of NJ has Reopened!

Check their schedule at

Hurricane Sandy

To North Jersey FSC Members:

On behalf of the Board of the North Jersey FSC, we know that many of you, our members of the extended North Jersey FSC family who live in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, are dealing with very difficult situations in your home areas. On behalf of the North Jersey FSC community, I want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you take steps to recover from the storm.


All the best!


Rick Breitweiser
President,North Jersey FSC