2012-2013 NJCFSC Academic Honors Team Application

Click 2012-13 NJCFSC Academic Honors Team Application to download the 2012-2013 NJCFSC Academic Honors Team Application

DEADLINE: February 1, 2013

Test Results – December 2012


Sandra Maso – Dutch Waltz/Rhythm Blues/Canasta Tango (COMPLETES PRELIMINARY DANCE LEVEL)

Megan Belgrave – Foxtrot

Julie Neerhout – Fourteenstep/Foxtrot

Brianne Soga –HickoryHoedown

Lauren Soga –HickoryHoedown

Francesca Black – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary MIF

Grace Miguel – Pre Preliminary MIF

Tamara Kim – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary MIF – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Daniela Sotland – Pre Preliminary MIF/Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Lana Utley – Pre Preliminary MIF

Cara Schmidt – Pre Preliminary MIF

Rachel Schmidt – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kristina Haviland – Pre Preliminary MIF

Madison Roberts – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Michele McDevitt – Preliminary MIF

Emma Moskowitz – Preliminary MIF

Jonathan Lai – Pre Juvenile MIF

Kenneth Lai – Pre Juvenile MIF

Katie Kreutz – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Shea Ross – Juvenile Freestyle

Katelyn Villarie – Juvenile Freestyle

Emilee Rodolfo – Juvenile Freestyle

Nikolett Albrechtovics – Intermediate MIF

Elaine Alvarez- Intermediate MIF

Ava Sloboda – Intermediate Freestyle

Beighley Berger – Novice MIF

Renata Zachariah – Fourteenstep

Test Results – November 2012


Emma Donnelly – Pre Preliminary MIF

Arissa Ng – Pre Preliminary MIF

Alexandra Alben – Pre Preliminary MIF/Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Ashley Mooney – Pre Preliminary MIF

Michael Carbonaro – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Talia Kruzhkov – Preliminary MIF

Veronica Royzen – Preliminary MIF

Veronica Voronkov – Pre Juvenile MIF

Annabelle Bunis – Pre Juvenile MIF

Emilee Rodolfo – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Shea Ross – Pre Juvenile Freestyle / Juvenile MIF

Taylor Ricca – Juvenile Freestyle

Kelly Lau – Juvenile MIF

Sasha Kulik – Juvenile MIF

Angela Maliakal – Intermediate MIF/Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Nicolette Suberska – Novice MIF

Gabrielle Patracuolla – Novice MIF

Isabella Smith – Junior MIF

Ariel La Roche – Senior MIF

Hoi Shan Wu – Adult Pre Bronze Freestyle/Adult Bronze MIF

Emma Jang – Intermediate Freestyle

Emma Montoya – Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Dutch Waltz (COMPLETES PRELIMINARY DANCE LEVEL)

Rachel Oberman – Swing Dance, Fiesta Tango (COMPLETES PRE BRONZE DANCE LEVEL)


Simone Kim – Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues, Canasta Tango (COMPLETES PRELIMINARY DANCE LEVEL)

Swing Dance, Canasta Tango,  Cha, Cha (COMPLETES PRE BRONZE DANCE LEVEL)

HickoryHoedown,WillowWaltz, Ten Fox (COMPLETES BRONZE DANCE LEVEL)

Skylands Ice World of NJ has Reopened!

Skylands Ice World of NJ has Reopened!

Check their schedule at www.skylandsiceworldnj.com

Hurricane Sandy

To North Jersey FSC Members:

On behalf of the Board of the North Jersey FSC, we know that many of you, our members of the extended North Jersey FSC family who live in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, are dealing with very difficult situations in your home areas. On behalf of the North Jersey FSC community, I want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you take steps to recover from the storm.


All the best!


Rick Breitweiser
President,North Jersey FSC

Congratulations to our 2013 North Atlantic Regional Competitors

Dalia Rivkin 2013 North Atlantic Novice Ladies Champion

Dalia Rivkin (above left) 2013 North Atlantic Novice Ladies Champion 



Ava Sloboda – Juvenile Girls

Elliot Jang – Juvenile Boys

Dalia Rivkin – Novice Ladies

Lawrence Lung – Novice Men

Christopher Wan – Senior Men


 Ava Sloboda

Dalia Rivkin

Fiona Kim

Alexa Nazarko

Hannah Gottfried

Nikolett Albrechtovics

Lari Estridge

Emma Jang

Fiona Kim


Congratulations to Nikolina Pakhomova

The 2012 New Jersey Council of Figure Skating Clubs Kern Trophy Winner!

Congratulations to our 2012 NJ Council Maneuver Teams

Terrific FUN!

Bronze Team (5th Place): Samantha Marino, Jordan Schneider, Rachel Schneider and Joey Mitchell

Silver Team (2nd Place): Taylor Ricca, Katie Kreutz, Clair Tomari-Leak and Timmy Mitchell

Gold Team (1st Place): Alexa Nazarko, Mariko Miyashita, Anastasia Kononenko and Alexandra Zimmerman

Adult Team (2nd Place): Kristen Norgaard, Tim David, Sarah Hutton and Rick Breitweiser

United States Figure Skating Adult Season Begins

The 2012 Adult Season begins with the Eastern Sectional on March 9 in Rockville, MD.  North Jersey will have 6 skaters vying for spots at the upcoming 2012 US Adult Nationals in chicago, Illinois.

Rick Breitweiser: Gold Men;  Tara Cioppa: Gold Ladies and Gold Pairs; Tim David: Silver Men; Pam Federbusch: Master’s Senior Ladies; Kyoko Hikita: Silver Ladies; Tom Kohl: Bronze Men and Bronze Pairs; Norie Kashimura: Bronze Ladies and Bronze Pairs.



2012 Junior National Results

Congratulations to Dalia Rivkin: United States Intermediate Ladies Pewter Medalist!

Following-up on her TERRIFIC win at the Juvenile level last year, Dalia Rivkin placed 4th in the Intermediate Ladies Division at the 2012 US Junior National’s.  The field was loaded with talent and we are proud of Dalia’s accomplishment!!!!