Results from the 2012 Empire States Games


          Ava Sloboda – Pre Bronze Solo Dance


          Megan Belgrave – Pre Bronze Solo Dance

          Bianca Plantamura – Pre Gold Solo Dance

          Ava Sloboda – Juvenile Freestyle


          Shea Ross – Pre Preliminary Freestyle


          4TH Place – Emilie Rodolfo – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

          4th Place – Riley Marmon – Pre Preliminary (TT) Freestyle

          5th Place – Megan Belgrave – Intermediate Freestyle

          7th Place – Olivia Awe – Intermediate Long

          9th Place – Olivia Awe – Intermediate Short

US Adult Nationals: 6 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals and 1 Pewter Medal

Norie Kashimura, second from right.
Day 1: Norie Kashimura got things started out right for North Jersey earning Bronze in Bronze Ladies III. Later, Pam Federbusch won Gold in Master’s Ladies Dramatic III with an inspirational  skate to “Ave Maria”.  Kyoko Hikita made it to the final round of Silver Ladies III by placing 3rd in her qualifying group.  Tom Kohl placed 5th in Bronze Men IV,  Tim David placed 5th in Silver Men II and Tara Cioppa placed 8th in Gold Ladies II.
Day 2: Rick Breitweiser earned Bronze in Gold Men IV/V. Rick said “..the crowd was so behind all of us, it was terrific, and the roar after my second axel was a great moment.”
Day 3:  With great lifts and death spirals, Tara Cioppa and partner Stephen Trzaska (Washington FSC) win Gold in Adult Gold Pairs.  Kyoko Hikita finished 12th in the finals of Ladies Silver III and later in the evening took Gold in Ladies Silver Interpretative III light entertainment.  Tom Kohl and Norie Kashimura took Silver in Bronze Pairs.  Pam Federbusch won her second Gold medal in Master’s Senior Ladies III by starting her program off with a clean double lutz.  Rick Breitweiser took Silver in Men’s Interpretative IV Dramatic at 10:45 pm, ending a long successful day for North Jersey FSC!
Day 4: Tara Cioppa and Stephen Trzaska (Washington FSC) earned the Pewter medal in Championship Pairs.  Later, Tara won Gold in Gold Women Interpretative II light entertainment.  Rick Breitweiser won his second Silver medal of the Championships in Gold Men Interpretative I, III, IV light entertainment.   Pam Federbusch won her third National Championship Gold Medal with a flawless skate in Masters Ladies Interpretative III light entertainment.

Results from the 2012 Morris Open



            Katrina Wang – Intermediate Short

            Anastasiya Kononenko – Senior Short,Senior Long

            Ava Sloboda – Juvenile Freestyle

            Tara Cioppa – Adult Gold Masters Ladies Freestyle


            Emma Jang – Juvenile Freestyle

            Megan Belgrave – Intermediate Long


          Alexa Nazarko – Juvenile Freestyle


            7TH Place – Megan Belgrave – Intermediate Short

            8th Place – Gabrielle Patracuolla – Juvenile Freestyle

            9th Place – Esther Pesochin – Juvenile Freestyle

            9th Place – Alexa Nazarko – Intermediate Short

            10th Place – Anna Farro – Juvenile Freestyle

            11th Place – Victoria Garrett – Juvenile Freestyle

            11th Place – Nicole Alonso – Juvenile Freestyle

            12th Place – Katrina Wang – Intermediate Long

            15th Place – Ava Sloboda – Intermediate Short

            17 Place – Emma Jang – Intermediate Short




Norie Kashimura – Adult Bronze Freestyle

Thomas Kohl – Adult Bronze Freestyle

Kyoko Hikita – Adult Silver Freestyle

Julie Neerhout – Bronze Solo Pattern Dance

Ashley Mooney – Basic Skills, Freeskate 3

Taylor Ricca – Pre Juvenile Freestyle (qualifying round)

Emilie Rose Rodolfo – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Amanda Kalluf – Pre Preliminary (Test Track) Freestyle


            Esther Pesochin – Juvenile Showcase

            Elliot Jang – Preliminary Freestyle


          Taylor Ricca – Pre Juvenile Freestyle (championship round)

            Riley Marmon  – Pre Preliminary (Test Track) Freestyle


          6th Place – Jillian Falletta – No Test Freestyle

            6th Place – Cassidy Herko – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

8th Place – Shea Ross – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

2011-2012 Award Party


2011-2012 Awards Party

2011-2012 Awards Party

Our annual award party will be held on Sunday, July 15, 2012 12 noon – 4 pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 79 Pascack Road, Washington Township (Bergen), NJ 07676.  see for directions.

Click North Jersey Figure Skating Club Party to download the informational brochure!

Results from the 3rd Annual Skylands Ice World Basic Skills Competition


            Julia Hagen – Beginner (TT) freestyle

            Tessa Lytle – No Test Compulsories/No Test Freestyle

            Emily Sorkin – Freeskate 1

            Emilee Rose Rodolfo – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

            Veronica Fuhrmann – Pre Preliminary (TT) Freestyle


            Julia Hagen – Snowplow Sam Freeskate

            Riley Marmon – No Test Compulsories/Pre Preliminary (TT) freestyle

            Kaitlyn Bottoni – Basic 3 freeskate

            Rebecca Sorkin – Basic 3 freeskate

            Riley Block – No Test Freestyle

            Allison Springler – No Test Freestyle

            Katie Kreutz – Preliminary Freestyle

            Allison Bottoni – Beginner (TT) freestyle

            Madison Roberts – Pre Preliminary freestyle


            Jillian Falletta – No Test Compulsories

            Elizabeth Bottoni – Beginner (TT) freestyle


            Jillian Felletta – No Test freestyle

            Shea Ross – No Test freestyle

Test Results – March 2012

Aviva Marmer – Pre Preliminary MIF

Emma Montoya – Pre Preliminary MIF

Anissa Khatib – Pre Preliminary MIF

Samantha Truglio – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Francesca Antignani – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Grace Capurso – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Jamie Barchuk – Adult Pre Bronze Freestyle

Kenneth Lai – Preliminary MIF

Jonathan Lai – Preliminary MIF

Kaitlyn Villarie – Preliminary Freestyle

Clair Tomari Leak – Pre Juvenile MIF

Nicolette Suberska – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Taylor Ricca – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Nikolett Albrechtovics – Juvenile MIF

Anna Farro – Juvenile MIF

Elaine Alvarez – Juvenile MIF

Nichole Tatte – Juvenile Freestyle

Jasmine Namyotov – Intermediate MIF

Jenna McKlusky – Intermediate MIF

Farrah Way- Intermediate MIF

Dalia Rivkin – Novice Freestyle

Ashley Lau – Senior MIF

Molly Massarelli – Senior Freestyle

Jessica Reimertz – Senior Freestyle

Tiffany Wang – Senior Freestyle

Ariel La Roche – Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues, Canasta Tango (completes Preliminary Dance Test)

Maria DeSilva – Adult European Waltz (completes Pre Silver Dance Test)

Maxim Pankov – American Waltz, Rocker Foxtrot, Tango (completes Silver Dance Test)

Kaitlyn Castelli – Paso Doble, Kilian

Important Dates to Remember

Important Dates to Remember:

July 15, 2012 – Club Award Party 12 noon at Knights of Columbus, Washington Twsp, NJ

Results from the Lee Ann Miele Memorial Synchro Open

Bronze Medal, Beginner:

The New Jersey Black Diamonds

2012 Eastern Adult Sectional Championships

Championship Masters Jr-Sr Ladies FS Free Skate

6th place:           Pamela Federbusch

Championship Adult Gold Men FS Free Skate

8th place:           Richard Breitweiser

Championship Adult Pairs

3rd Place:          Tara Cioppa with partner:
                        Stephen Trzaska, Washington FSC

Adult Masters Jr/Sr Ladies NQ FS Free Skate

1st place:           Pamela Federbusch

Adult Bronze Ladies III & IV NQ FS

1st Place:           Norie Kashimura

Adult Bronze Light Entertainment Interpretive

5th Place:           Thomas Kohl

Adult Bronze Men FS

3rd Place:          Thomas Kohl

Adult Gold Dramatic Interpretive

3rd Place:          Richard Breitweiser

Adult Gold Light Entertainment Interpretive

3rd Place:          Richard Breitweiser

Adult Masters Dramatic Interpretive

1st place:           Pamela Federbusch

Adult Masters Light Entertainment Interpretive

1st place:           Pamela Federbusch

Adult Pairs NQ

2nd Place:          Norie Kashimura, North Jersey FSC
                        Thomas Kohl, North Jersey FSC

Adult Silver II & III Dramatic Interpretive

1st Place:           Kyoko Hikita, North Jersey FSC

Adult Silver Ladies III NQ FS

5th Place:         Kyoko Hikita, North Jersey FSC

North Jersey adults earn 10 medals at the 2012 Eastern Adult Sectional Championships!

Congratulations to our adult skaters for their terrific performances at the Adult Eastern Sectional in Rockville, Maryland.  Tara Cioppa and partner Stephen Trzaska (Washington FSC) earned another trip to Championship Adult Pairs Nationals.  Three gold medals went to Pamela Federbusch and Kyoko Hikita and Nori Kahimura each earned gold.  Norie and partner Tom Kohl earned silver. Tom Kohl earned bronze and Rick Breitweiser earned two bronze medals.