March 30 – April 1, 2012, Morris Open at Mennen Arena

Morris Open, March 30 – April 1, 2012
Morris Open at Mennen Arena
Hosted by the Skating Club of Morris
March 30 – April 1, 2012

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1st Annual Staten Island Basic Skills Competition


Melanie Migliorato – Freeskate – No Test


Deirdre Hansalik – Freeskate – Pre Preliminary


Julia Caley – Freeskate – Beginner Test Track

Savannah Beck – Freeskate – Pre Preliminary


Jasmine Namyotov – Freeskate – No Test

Jennifer Levy – Freeskate – Pre Preliminary

Mar 25, 2012 – 3rd Annual Skylands Ice World Basic Skills Competition

3rd Annual Skylands Ice World Basic Skills Competition, Sunday March 25, 2012
Date: Sunday, March 25, 2012
Skylands Ice World
2765 Rt. 23
Stockholm, NJ 07460
Phone: 973-697-1600 x.118

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Official Website:

3rd Annual Skylands paper announcement.

Test Results: July 2011- December 2011


Jonathan Lai – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kenneth Lai – Pre Preliminary MIF

David Lease – Adult Pre Bronze MIF

Olivia Cella – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Rachel Sullivan – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Carolyn Chiu – Pre Juvenile MIF

Elaine Alvarez – Pre Juvenile MIF

Gabrielle Patracuolla – Intermediate MIF

Megan Belgrade – Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango

Ava Sloboda – Swing Dance, Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango (completes Pre

Bronze Dance Level)

Bianca Plantamura – Starlight Waltz

Nikolina Pakhomova – Senior MIF/ Starlight Waltz, Paso Doble, Blues, Kilian

(Completes Pre Gold Dance Level)


Cassidy Herko – Pre Preliminary MIF/Freestyle

Jordan Schneider – Pre Preliminary MIF

Samantha Gold – Pre Preliminary MIF

Grace Capurso – Pre Preliminary MIF

Hoi Shan Wu – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kelly Lau – Pre Preliminary MIF

Veronica Voronkov – Pre Preliminary MIF

Sasha Kulik – Pre Preliminary MIF

Julia Caley – Pre Preliminary MIF

Emma Wu – Preliminary MIF

Rizelle Santos – Preliminary MIF

Rachel Schneider – Preliminary MIF

Brooke Tufts – Pre Juvenile MIF

Sam Lazarev – Pre Juvenile MIF/FS

Jasmine Namyotov – Juvenile MIF

Lisa Marie Zazi – Juvenile MIF/FS

Savannah Beck – Intermediate MIF

Melanie Migliorato – Intermediate MIF

Elizaveta Gaevaya – Intermediate MIF/FS

Lindsay Jameson – Novice MIF

Maxim Pankov – European Waltz (Completes Pre-Silver

Dance Test)

Nikolina Pakhomova – Junior MIF, American Waltz,

Tango, Rocker Foxtrot (Completes Silver Dance)

Kaitlyn Castelli – Starlight Waltz, Blues

Molly Massarelli – Junior Freestyle

Nichole Tatte – Senior MIF/Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Taylor Ricca – Senior MIF/Preliminary Freestyle

Margo Browne – Masters Kilian (Completes Pre-Gold Dance)


Nikolina Pakhomova – Intermediate MIF, Novice MIF, Fourteenstep,

European Waltz, Foxtrot (completes Pre Silver Dance)

Kaitlyn Castelli – Rocker Foxtrot (completes Silver Dance)

Julie Neerhout – Intermediate MIF

Maxim Pankov – Fourteenstep, Foxtrot

Riley Marmon – Pre Preliminary MIF

Elizabeth Bottoni – Pre Preliminary MIF

Emilee Rodolfo – Pre Juvenile MIF

Olivia Awe – Novice MIF

Simona Levingart – Senior MIF


Riley Block – Preliminary MIF

Madison Roberts – Preliminary MIF

Jillian Falletta – Preliminary MIF

Tessa Lytle – Pre Juvenile MIF

Nikolina Pakhomova – Pre Preliminary, Preliminary, Pre Juvenile

And Juvenile MIF – Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues, Canasta Tango, Swing Dance, Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango, Hickory Hoedown, Willow Waltz, Tenfox

Completes Preliminary/Pre Bronze/Bronze Dance Levels)


Julie Neerhout – Preliminary Freestyle, Willow Waltz, Tenfox,

Hickory Hoedown (completes Pre Bronze Dance Level)

Kaitlyn Castelli – American Waltz, Tango

Bianca Plantamura – Blues

Shea Ross – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Samantha Truglio – Preliminary MIF

Nikolette Albrechtovics – Preliminary Freestyle

Lauren Soga – Pre Juvenile MIF

Brianne Soga – Pre Juvenile MIF

Anna Farro – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Sheriden Figueroa – Juvenile MIF

Farrah Way – Juvenile MIF

Esther Pesochin – Juvenile Freestyle

Christina Dunham – Juvenile Freestyle

Amanda Lau – Juvenile Freestyle

Ashley Lau – Juvenile Freestyle

Nicole Alonso – Intermediate MIF

Philip Blumin – Intermediate MIF

Ayano Endo – Novice MIF

Kelly Walsh – Senior Freestyle

Tests Passed – July 2011

Samantha Marino – Pre Preliminary MIF

Brooke Tufts – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Amanda Melfi – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Nikolette Albrechtovics – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Jillian Falletta – Pre Preliminary MIF

Shea Ross – Preliminary MIF

Clair Tomari-Leak – Preliminary MIF/Preliminary Freestyle

Arielle Ruiz – Preliminary MIF

Madelyn Dawson – Preliminary MIF

Farray Way – Preliminary Freestyle

Jasmine Namyotov – Pre Juvenile MIF

Elliot Jang – Pre Juvenile MIF

Amanda Lau – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Ashley Lau – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Jenna McKlusky – Juvenile MIF

Victoria Garritt – Juvenile Freestyle

Deirdre Hansalik – Intermediate MIF/Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Jessica Hogan – Novice MIF

Ellz Mizrahi – Novice Freestyle

Elisabeth O’Neill- Novice Freestyle

Taylor Ricca- Junior MIF

Francesca Timpanaro – Junior MIf

Jessica Reimertz – Junior Freestyle

Norie Kashimura – Adult Silver MIF

Deborah Kopacz – Adult Silver MIF

Renata Zacharian – Hickory Hoedown, Willow Waltz, Tenfox (completed Bronze Dance Level)

United States Figure Skating Adult Season Begins

The 2012 Adult Season begins with the Eastern Sectional on March 9 in Rockville, MD.  North Jersey will have 6 skaters vying for spots at the upcoming 2012 US Adult Nationals in chicago, Illinois.

Rick Breitweiser: Gold Men;  Tara Cioppa: Gold Ladies and Gold Pairs; Tim David: Silver Men; Pam Federbusch: Master’s Senior Ladies; Kyoko Hikita: Silver Ladies; Tom Kohl: Bronze Men and Bronze Pairs; Norie Kashimura: Bronze Ladies and Bronze Pairs.



Staten Island Basic Skills Competition Results

Results from the 1st Annual Staten Island Skating Pavilion Basic Skills Competition:


Melanie Migliorato – Freeskate – No Test


Deirdre Hansalik – Freeskate – Pre Preliminary


Julia Caley – Freeskate – Beginner Test Track

SavannahBeck – Freeskate – Pre  Preliminary


Jasmine Namyotov – Freeskate – No Test

Jennifer Levy – Freeskate – Pre Preliminary

2012 Junior National Results

Congratulations to Dalia Rivkin: United States Intermediate Ladies Pewter Medalist!

Following-up on her TERRIFIC win at the Juvenile level last year, Dalia Rivkin placed 4th in the Intermediate Ladies Division at the 2012 US Junior National’s.  The field was loaded with talent and we are proud of Dalia’s accomplishment!!!!

2012 New Year’s Adult Invitational

Kyoko Hikita – Dramatic Interpretative
Norie Kashimura – Adult Bronze Freeskate
Pam Federbusch – Masters Light Entertainment Artistic

Richard Breitweiser – Masters Light Entertainment Artistic

Kyoko Hikita – Adult Silver Freeskate
Pam Federbusch – Masters Senior Freeskate

Richard Breitweiser – Adult Gold Freeskate

Test Results – January 2012

Tests Passed – January 2012

Anabelle Brunis – Pre Preliminary MIF

Allison Springler – Pre Preliminary MIF

Talia Kruzhkov – Pre Preliminary MIF

Veronica Voronkov – Preliminary MIF

Sasha Kulik – Preliminary MIF

Kelly Lau – Preliminary MIF

Christian Villarie – Preliminary MIF

Samantha Marino – Preliminary MIF

Elliot Jang – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Katelyn Villarie – Juvenile MIF

Lisa Zazi – Intermediate MIF

Ava Sloboda – Junior MIF

Megan Belgrave – Junior MIF/Swing Dance (completes Pre Bronze Level)/Hickory Hoedown


10th Annual Winter Escapade

Cassidy Herko – Pre Preliminary Freestyle
Julie Neerhout – Solo Pattern Dance – Bronze
Solo Free Dance – Intermediate