10th Annual Skylands Ice World Compete USA (LTS) Competition March 17, 2019

10th Annual Skylands Ice World Compete USA (LTS) Competition

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Announcement and Electronic Entry is available by Clicking HERE.

12th Annual Ice Vault Compete USA (LTS) Competition April 28, 2019

12th Annual Ice Vault Compete USA (LTS) Competition

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Announcement and Electronic Entry Available by Clicking HERE.

Tests Passed – December 2018


Christelle Villarama – Pre Preliminary MIF

Sarah Pechenezhsky – Pre Preliminary MIF

Emma Howard – Pre Preliminary MIF

Gloria Wang – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Dasha Portnov – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Sarah Li – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freeskate

Riya Jain – Preliminary MIF

Annie Zhang –  Pre Preliminary/Preliminary FS/Juvenile MIF

Francine Villarama – Preliminary MIF

Gabrielle Dixon – Preliminary MIF

Alden Hogg – Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Harper Schmid – Pre Juvenile MIF

Olivia Parelli – Pre Juvenile/Juvenile MIF

Elizabeth Sincaglia – Juvenile MIF

Eugene Pechenezhsky – Intermediate MIF

Taylor Ricca – Junior Freeskate

Livia Ilasz – Senior MIF

Tests Passed – November 2018


Liana Kichin  Pre Preliminary MIF

Briana Vugelman  Pre Preliminary MIF

Samaiya July – Pre Preliminary MIF

Lina Yim – Pre Preliminary MIF

Searle Canci Conches – Pre Preliminary MIF

Steven Gansberg – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Leah Sharpe – Preliminary MIF

Ginamarie Kostandi – Preliminary MIF

Anissa Mamaev  Pre Juvenile MIF

Kirk Haugeto – Pre Juvenile MIF/Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Catherine Orr – Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Rachel Shteierman – Intermediate MIF

Wren Cindrich – Intermediate MIF

Brianna Zubatov – Novice MIF

Brooke Tufts – Blues/Starlight Waltz/Kilian/Paso Doble


Pamela Federbusch – Junior Solo Free Dance

Congratulations to Tony Lu for your 19th place performance at the 2019 US Figure Skating Championships!

Congratulations to Robert Yampolsky for your Gold Medal winning performance at the 2019 US Figure Skating Championships in Intermediate Men!

Congratulations to Anna Sophia O’Brien and her partner Steven Wei for their 6th place performance at the 2019 US Figure Skating Championships in Juvenile Dance!

Congratulations to Kathie Imperatore for her Sectional Accountant Appointment!

Rules, Rules, Rules (read further)

The 2018-2019 season begins with some significant changes:
Please note that as of September 2, 2018, all U.S. Figure Skating tests (except figure tests and tests that are pass and retry only) will be marked with an evaluation scale of -3 to +3 in place of the 6.0 marks, and skaters will have the opportunity to earn honors and distinction for performing well above the passing average. It is critical that all judges, test chairs, coaches and skaters are familiar with the new rules before attending a test session. 
Skaters preparing to take Moves-in-the-Field tests can find an active checklist link on the USFS website for the focus of each test (go to www.usfsa.org.  (Skater Checklist for Moves in the Field Tests).
You should also be aware that there are changes in IJS competition scoring, as well:  the +3/-3 system has been expanded to +5/-5.
Another noteworthy change this season is that the half loop, the popular connecting jump in a three-jump series, is no more.  Instead, it has a new name, “Euler.” The International Skating Union changed the terminology in June. It can only be done as a single jump (you will not see double, triple, or quadruple Eulers being attempted). When the Euler is used in a combination, it is credited on a score sheet as a “1Eu,” worth a base value of  0.50.  BTW, the Euler is not pronounced the way it is spelled!  it is pronounced, “oiler.”
Dana Hordyszynski and Jill Mueller
North Jersey Figure Skating Club

Congratulations to the New Jersey Black Diamonds Pre-Juvenile Team for their first place performances at the Philadelphia Synchronized Skating Invitational and the Essex Synchro Classic!!