2018 Garden State Games, June 15-16, 2018

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Skate with Jason Brown, SAVE THE DATE, June 10, 2018

Skate with Jason Brown, SAVE THE DATE, June 10, 2018


Results from 2018 Empire State Games



Catherine Chandler – No Test Freeskate

Wren Cindrich – Pre  Juvenile (TT) Freeskate

Kristina Haviland – Bronze Solo Dance

Kristina Haviland – Intermediate Short

Olivia Awe – Preliminary Solo Dance

Dasha Portnov – High Beginner Freeskate


Livia Ilasz – Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Catalina Narvaez – High Beginner Freeskate


Anna Farro – Junior Short/Junior Freeskate

Kelly Koons – Senior Short/Senior Freeskate

Sofia Cadabel – Beginner Freeskate

Victoria Haviland – Juvenile Freeskate

Alexandra Dionisio – Beginner Freeskate

Jillian Falletta – Intermediate Short/Intermediate Freeskate

Sara Neivert – Novice Short/Novice Freeskate


4th Place – Gabrielle DiGeronimo – High Beginner Freeskate

4th Place – Amy Rodak – No Test Freeskate

4th Place – Jacqueline Lee – No Test Freeskate

4th Place – Kristina Haviland – Juvenile Freeskate

6th Place – Tiffany Pilkin – Novice Short

7th Place – Jennifer Allan – Intermediate Freeskate

10th Place – Jennifer Allan – Intermediate Short

Test Results – January 2018


Lana Clesca – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Aevia Reale – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freeskate

Madison Sussex – Preliminary MIF/Ten Fox

Audrey Steinbach – Pre Juvenile MIF

Paige Parlapiano – Pre Juvenile MIF

Eugene Pechenezhsky – Pre Juvenile MIF

Wren Cindrich – Pre Juvenile MIF/Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Isabello Gao – Juvenile MIF

Livia Ilasz –Juvenile Freeskate

Rachel Shteierman – Juvenile MIF

Lucy Bulosan – Intermediate MIF/Hickory Hoedown

Noel Lethbridge – Intermediate MIF/Intermediate Freeskate

Emma Oscilowski – Novice MIF

Sara Neivert – Junior MIF

Cassandra Cavuoto – SENIOR MIF

Chris Wan – Dutch Waltz/Canasta Tango/Rhythm Blues (Completed Preliminary Dance Test) Swing Dance/Cha Cha/Fiesta Tango (Completed Pre Bronze Dance Test) Hickory Hoedown/Ten Fox/Willow Waltz(Completed Bronze Dance Test) Fourteenstep/European Waltz/Foxtrot (Completed Pre Silver Dance Test)

Results of the 7th Annual North Jersey LTS at Staten Island Pavilion

Results of the 7th Annual North Jersey LTS at Staten Island Pavilion

Click for full results: 2018 staten island ltss Results



Julie Denora – Beginner Freeskate

Ariana Platonova – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Carolyn Ellis – Pre Preliminary (TT) Freeskate

Anissa Mamaev – Freeskate 1 Program/Freeskate 1 Compulsories

Gianna Vassallo – Freeskate 1 Program

Megan Lutz – Basic 4 Elements

Vivian Warshawsky – Basic 5 Elements/Basic 5 Program


Naomi Moffet – Freeskate 1 Program

Tegan Dingwall – Freeskate 1 Program

Anna Chang – Basic 4 Program


Ava Montaruli – Freeskate 3 Program

Megan Lutz – Basic 4 Program


Oleysa Naryshkina – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Katherine Judge – Freeskate 3 Program

Test Results – December 2017


Emily Lockwood – Pre Preliminary MIF

Adelyn Hoo – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Anastasiya Shron – Adult Pre Bronze MIF

Harper Schmid – Preliminary MIF

Maci Gnecco – Preliminary MIF

Grace Duffy – Preliminary MIF

Victoria Shikata – Preliminary MIF

Makayla Hamilton – Preliminary MIF

Claire Ferguson – Pre Juvenile MIF

Jedediah Pencinger – Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Sara Tennyson – Intermediate MIF

Kristina Haviland – Junior MIF

Willie Sun – Junior MIF

Savannah Barr – Fourteenstep

11th Annual Ice Vault Learn to Skate Competition April 29, 2018

11th Annual Ice Vault Learn to Skate Competition

Sunday, April 29, 2018

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New Jersey Black Diamonds Earn Medals at 2017 Terry Conners

Congratulations to or Black Diamonds Pre-Juvenile Team for their 4th Place finish and Preliminary Team for their 2nd place finish at the Terry Conners 2017 Synchro Open!

Test Results – November 2017

Test Results – November 2017

Alexa Bruni –Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Grace Kim – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Julia Caley – Pre Preliminary Freeskate/Pre Juvenile MIF

Mia Cappellino – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Jennifer Tuzzo – Pre Preliminary MIF

Katie Wrobleski – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kaitlyn Lutz – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kiley Kochanski – Pre Preliminary MIF

Christina Antypas – Preliminary MIF

Trinity Cirinelli – Preliminary Freeskate

Valerie Woodside – Pre Preliminary Freeskate/Pre Juvenile MIF

Sarah Fasanaro – Pre Juvenile MIF

Dana Hennings – Pre Juvenile MIF

Rachel Shteierman – Pre Juvenile MIF

Serena Decatrel – Juvenile Freeskate

Amy Rodak – Juvenile MIF

Anya Gu – Juvenile Freeskate/Intermediate MIF

Jenna Gu – Juvenile Freeskate/Intermediate MIF

Sophia Farajallah – Intermediate MIF/Preliminary Freeskate

Allisa Conover – Intermediate MIF

Amanda Hsu – Intermediate Freeskate

Aevia Reale – Intermediate MIF/Fourteenstep

Susan Dumont – Adult Argentine Tango

Kristina Haviland – Swing Dance/Cha Cha/Fiesta Tango

Katie Zhang – Junior and Senior Freeskate

Eliana Schach – Senior Freeskate

Congratulations to Ashley Bain and her partner Oleg Altukhov for your Senior Dance at the 2018 US Figure Skating Championships!