Congratulation Rick Breitweiser, 2018 United States Adult National Champion Gold Men IV, V

Test Passed – March 2018


Leah Sharpe – Pre Preliminary MIF

Francine Villarama – Pre Preliminary MIF

Harlow Yappen – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Kirk Haugeto – Pre Preliminary Freeskate/Preliminary MIF

Adelaide Rafieyan – Preliminary MIF

Anabel Baxter – Preliminary MIF

Bronwyn Rafieyan – Preliminary MIF

Anissa Mamaev – Preliminary MIF

Estella Riley – Preliminary MIF

Naomi Moffett – Preliminary MIF

Leslie Bittner – Preliminary MIF

Adelyn Hoo – Preliminary Freeskate

Paige Parlapiano – Preliminary Freeskate

Audrey Steinbach – Preliminary Freeskate

Jill Baker – Preliminary Freeskate

Harlow Yappen – Pre Juvenile MIF

Lydia Maldonado – Pre Juvenile MIF

Brooke Mortillo – Pre Juvenile MIF

Angela Volkova – Pre Juvenile MIF/Juvenile MIF

Dana Hennings – Juvenile MIF

Aiden Hogg – Juvenile MIF

Olivia Lee – Juvenile MIF

Jennifer Allan – Intermediate Freeskate

Rachel Farber – Intermediate Freeskate

Adrian Vecchio – Intermediate Freeskate

Ava Battaglia – Intermediate Freeskate

Talia Kruzhkov – Intermediate Freeskate

Amy Rodak – Intermediate MIF

Anya Gu – Novice MIF

Lyra Tomlijanovich – Novice MIF

Trinity Cirinelli – Novice MIF

Anya Ganyeyeva – Senior MIF

Lena Lewis – Kilian and Blues

Renata Zachariah – Adult Rocker Foxtrot

Kristina Haviland – Ten Fox/Willow Waltz/Hickory Hoedown (Completes Bronze Dance Test)

Olivia Awe – Solo Dutch Waltz/Solo Rhythm Blues/Solo Canasta Tango (completes

Preliminary Dance Test)

Results of 2018 Eastern Adult Sectional

Tara Cioppa

2nd place – Championship Masters Pairs

11th place – Championship Gold Ladies Group A


Keri Dempsey

3rd place – Bronze Ladies I Group B


Pamela Federbusch

2nd place – Silver Solo Dance

3rd place – Championship Dance


Larry Frenock

1st place – Bronze Dramatic IV, V

1st place – Bronze Light Entertainment IV, V

2nd place – Bronze Men


Kyoko Hikita

3rd place – Silver Ladies III, Group B

11th place – Championship Silver Ladies QR Group C


Norie Kashimura

4th place – Silver Ladies III, Group A

11th place – Championship Silver Ladies QR Group A


Noel Lethbridge

9th place – Championship Masters Intermediate-Novice Ladies


Jedediah Pencinger

5th place – Championship Silver Men


Deana Sroka

7th place – Championship Masters Intermediate-Novice Ladies


2018 Eastern Synchro Championships

2018 Eastern Sectional

Preliminary 7th QR

Pre-Juv – 5th QR and 5th final round

Test Results – February 2018


Vivian Warshawsky – Pre Preliminary MIF

Emma Liao – Pre Preliminary MIF

Erin Liao – Pre Preliminary MIF

Jacqueline Dougherty – Pre Preliminary MIF

Olga Bogatova – Preliminary MIF

Olga Tymoshenko – Adult Bronze MIF

Susan Tomaski – Adult Bronze MIF

Adelyn Hoo – Pre Juvenile MIF

Alexandra Alisiyonak – Pre Juvenile MIF

Antonella Falzarano – Pre Juvenile MIF

Misha Shintaku – Pre Juvenile MIF

Trinity Cirinelli – Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Jill Baker – Juvenile MIF

Valerie Woodside – Dutch Waltz/Canasta Tango/Rhythm Blues

(completes Preliminary Dance Test)

Isabelle Gao – Dutch Waltz/Canasta Tango/Rhyth Blues

(completes Preliminary Dance Test)

Gabriella Rodek – Intermediate MIF

Natalia Rusin – Novice MIF

Victoria Haviland – Novice MIF

Amanda Hsu – Novice Freeskate

Pam Federbusch – Novice Solo Free Dance/Adult Kilian

Jason Brown is Coming to NJ!

The great Jason Brown is coming to Mennen Sports Arena Sunday, June 10 to help raise money for the NJ Council of FSC Scholarship Fund AND to give our skaters a magical day which they will never forget!

  • 2014 Winter Olympics medalist
  • US National Champion
  • Four Continents Bronze Medalist
  • 2-time World Junior Medalist
  • Junior Grand Prix Final Champion
  • National Junior Champion

Here’s How it Works:

About every week, we’ll hold a fundraising contest for our skaters. The skaters who raise the most money during the contest period win awesome experiences with Jason, including selfies, VIP meet-and-greet, 1-on-1 mentoring, and much more!

As our skaters reach certain fundraising thresholds, they win additional prizes:

  • Raise $125 and attend a clinic with Jason
  • Raise $250 and meet Jason for pictures, autographs, and Q&A
  • Raise $500 and win an artist’s rendering of Jason
  • and much more!

PLUS there are special rewards for the top overall fundraisers:

  • Top 30 participate in a private clinic with Jason.
  • Top 10 attend a private lunch with Jason after the event.
  • Top 2 attend the private lunch – seated next to Jason!

The more money each skater raises, the more prizes they’ll win, AND the more they’ll help support a great cause. It’s a win-win!

Our First Fundraising Contest is Happening NOW:

The top 4 fundraisers from Monday, February 26 through 11:59 pm Thursday, March 8 win a selfie with Jason!

To register, and for complete details, go to

Congratulations to our 2018 Adult National Competitors!

Rick Breitweiser
Gold Medalist, Adult Gold Men IV, V

Tara Cioppa, with partner Stephen Trzaska
Gold Medalist, Adult Gold Pairs
Pewter Medalist, Championship Master Pairs
Tara: Pewter Medalist, Adult Gold Light Entertainment III
8th Place, Adult Gold Ladies III

Kerri Dempsey
6th Place, Adult Bronze Ladies I

Pamela Federbusch, with partner Alex Shakolov
Silver Medal, Silver Solo Dance
5th Place, Championship Adult Dance

Larry Frenock
Gold Medal, Adult Bronze Men IV
Silver Medal, Adult Bronze Dramatic Entertainment IV
Bronze Medal, Adult Bronze Light Entertainment IV

Kyoko Hikita
Bronze Medal, Adult Silver Ladies III, Group B Qualifying Round
9th Place, Adult Silver Ladies III Final Round

Norie Kashimura
10th Place, Adult Silver Ladies III Group A Qualifying Round
Noel Lethbridge
8th Place, Masters Intermediate-Novice Ladies I

Noel Lethbridge
8th Place, Masters Intermediate-Novice Ladies I

Jedediah Pencinger
Silver Medal, Adult Silver Men I
9th place – Championship Adult Silver Men

Deana Sroka
Pewter Medalist, Masters Intermediate – Novice Ladies III

Susan Tomaski
10th Place, Adult Bronze Light Entertainment III

Congratulations to the NJ Black Diamonds 2018 Synchro Reflections Invitational in Hershey, PA

Pre-Juvenile: 2nd Place

Preliminary: 7th Place

Beginner: 2nd Place



Congratulations to Igor Lukanin and Kristen Fraser Coaching Olympian Isadora Williams from Brazil!

2018 Garden State Games, June 15-16, 2018

Click 2018 GSG Announcement Final for announcement

Click HERE for entry.