Anna De Simone-Kiss – Basic 3 Program

Grace Gu – Basic 5 Elements

Kelly Dudonis – Excel Beginner Compulsories

Catherine Chandler – Excel Preliminary Compulsories/Excel Preliminary

          Plus Freeskate

Samaiya July – Freeskate 1 Compulsories/Freeskate 1 Program

Searle Conches – Freeskate 1 Program

Jennifer Allan – Intermediate/Novice Spins

Gabrielle Chien – No Test Freeskate

Anna Sophia O’Brien – Partnered Dance – Intermediate/Partnered

          Free Dance – Intermediate

Sophia Kartashov – Partnered Pre Juvenile Free Dance

Nicholas Kartashov – Partnered Pre Juvenile Free Dance

Christelle Villarama – Pre-Free Girls Freeskate

Rylen Lukanin – Pre Juvenile Partnered Dance

Patrick O’Brien – Pre Juvenile Partnered Dance

Trinity Cirinelli – Pre Juvenile Spins

Sophie Zhang – Preliminary Freeskate

Amy Rodak – Pre Preliminary Compulsories

Susan Tomaski – Adult Bronze Showcase

Robert Yampolsky – Novice Short/Novice Freeskate

Jedediah Pencinger – Adult Silver Men Freeskate


Anna De Simone-Kiss – Basic 3 Elements

Grace Gu – Basic 5 Program

Rylen Lukanin – Basic 6 Program

Francine  Villarama – Excel High Beginner Freeskate

Claire Ferguson – Excel Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Marianne Pouliot – Excel Preliminary Freeskate

Angelina Caiazzo – Freeskate 4 Program

Sophia Kartashov – Pre Juvenile Partnered Dance

Nicholas Kartashov – Pre Juvenile Partnered Dance

Jillian Falletta – Intermediate Short

Livia Ilasz – Open Juvenile Freeskate


Rylen Lukanin – Basic 6 Elements

Emma Howard – Basic 6 Program

Sarah Li – Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Lily Shreiber – Excel Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Sofia Cadabel – Freeskate 2 Program

Sophia Caiazzo – Freeskate 4 Program

Kristina Haviland – Intermediate/Novice Spins

Jacqueline Lee – No Test Freeskate

Ariana Platonova – Preliminary Freeskate

Amy Rodak – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Ashley Le – Senior Short/Senior Freeskate

Valeria Gusarova – Juvenile Freeskate

Vanessa Zhang – Intermediate Freeskate

Jennifer Allan – Intermediate Freeskate

Anton Fomin – Juvenile Freeskate


4th Place – Antonella Falzarano – Preliminary Freeskate

4th Place – Olivia Donayre – Preliminary Freeskate

4th Place – Wren Cindrich – Intermediate Freeskate

4th Place – Victoria Haviland – Intermediate Short

4th Place – Amanda Hsu – Junior Short/Junior Freeskate

5th Place – Dasha Portnov – Preliminary Freeskate

5th Place – Victoria Haviland – Juvenile Freeskate

5th Place – Kristina Haviland – Juvenile Freeskate

5th Place – Kelly Dudonis – Excel Beginner Freeskate

5th Place – Sara Neivert – Junior Short/Senior Freeskate

5th Place – Alexandra Dudonis – Excel High Beginner Freeskate

6th Place – Makayla Hamilton – Excel Preliminary Plus Freeskate

6th Place – Jennifer Allan – Intermediate Short

6th Place – Karen Hotz – No Test Freeskate

6th Place – Harlow Yappen – Preliminary Freeskate



     Victoria Haviland – Juvenile Spins


     Brooke Tufts – Junior Ladies

          Victoria Haviland – Juvenile Jumps


     Kristina Haviland – Juvenile Spins/Juvenile Jumps


     4th Place – Victoria Haviland – Juvenile Plus Freeskate

          5th Place – Kristina Haviland – Intermediate Freeskate

          10th Place – Alden Hogg – Intermediate Freeskate

          11th Place – Jill Baker – Juvenile Plus Freeskate

          13th Place – Audrey Steinbach – Juvenile Plus Freeskate

          14th Place – Cassandra Cavuoto – Novice Freeskate

Results from the 2019 Sky Rink Classic

Silver Medals

Amy Rodak, Excel Preliminary Plus

North Jersey FSC has not received full results. Please let us know if you competed and your results.

Results from the Skating Club of Southern New Jersey Spring Invitational

Silver Medals

Jillian Falletta – Intermediate Short

Amy Rodak – Pre-preliminary

Other Placements

7th Place

Jillian Falletta – Intermediate Free

NOTE: NJFSC has not received any other results, please send if you competed.

Renew Membership

Membership portal is now open to renew for the 2019-2020 skating year! Be sure to read the skating categories and note our slight change in the name of “Minor” (previously Junior) and “Adult” (previously Senior). The North Jersey FSC Volunteer Policy and SafeSport statement are also posted.

Results of the 2019 May Day Figure Skating Championships


Kristina Haviland- Excel Intermediate Freeskate

Victoria Haviland – Excel Juvenile + Freeskate


Kristina Haviland – Juvenile Short Program

Anna Sophia O’Brien – Juvenile Combined Solo Dance


Victoria Haviland – Juvenile Short Program


4th Place – Emma Oscilowski – Juvenile Solo Combined Dance

4th Place – Anna Sophia O’Brien – Pre Silver Pattern Dance

6th Place – Kristina Haviland -Juvenile Combined Solo Dance

9th Place – Isabelle Guo – Bronze Solo Dance/Juvenile Combined

Solo Dance

11th Place – Kristina Haviland – Pre Silver Solo Pattern Dance

Congratulations to our NJFSC competitors who qualified for the 2019 Excel Series National Festival in Coral Springs, FL!

Good luck!!

Juvenile Plus:

Victoria Haviland

Jill Baker

Audrey Steinbach


Kristina Haviland

Alden Hogg


Cassandra Cavuoto


Brooke Tufts

Results of the 12th Annual Ice Vault Learn to Skate Competition

Results of 2019 Ice Vault LTS Competition

Tests Passed – April 2019


Katrina Jenisch – Pre Preliminary MIF

Manali Patel – Preliminary MIF

Antonella Falzarano – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary FS

Claire Ferguson – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary FS

Harlow Yappen – Preliminary Freeskate

Samaiya July – Preliminary MIF

Sabrina Tse – Preliminary MIF

Carinna Leung – Pre Juvenile MIF

Naomi Moffett – Pre Juvenile MIF

Alexandra Perez – Juvenile Freeskate

Brooke Mortillo – Juvenile MIF

Lydia Maldonado – Juvenile MIF

Harper Schmid – Juvenile MIF

Heidi Gallagher – Juvenile MIF

Laura Raith – Adult Silver MIF

Vanessa Zhang – Intermediate MIF

Paige Parlapiano – Intermediate MIF

Jill Baker – Intermediate MIF

Joy Kim – Novice MIF

Maliah Utley – Novice Freeskate

Grace Kim – Junior MIF

Amy Rodak – Junior MIF/Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Gabriella Rodek – Junior MIF

Anya Gu – Junior MIF/Intermediate Freeskate

Trinity Cirinelli – Senior MIF

Karen Humphreys – Solo Dutch Waltz/Solo Canasta Tango/ Solo Rhythm Blues (Completes Preliminary Dance Test)

Trinity Cirinelli – Solo Fiesta Tango/Solo Ten-Fox/Solo Willow Waltz (Completes Pre-Bronze Dance Test/Solo Hickory Hoedown

Pamela Federbusch – Junior Free Dance

Results of the 2019 Southern Connecticut Open

Gold Medals

Brooke Tufts – Excel Junior Ladies Final

Jillian Faletta – Intermediate Ladies Group A

Victoria Haviland – Excel Juvenile Girls Group B

Aiden Hogg – Excel Intermediate Ladies Group B

Catherine Chandler – Excel Preliminary Group B

Silver Medals

Kristina Haviland – Excel Intermediate Ladies

Amanda Hsu – Junior Ladies

Harper Schmid – Pre-Preliminary Group A

Bronze Medals

Ava Battaglia – Intermediate Ladies Short – Group A

Ava Battaglia – Intermediate Ladies Group A

Malia Utley – Novice Ladies Short

Amanda Hsu – Junior Ladies Short

Jill Baker – Excel Juvenile Girls Group B

Cassandra Cavuoto – Excel Novice Ladies

Other Results

4th – Audrey Steinbach – Excel Juvenile Girls Group B

5th – Makayla Hamilton – Excel Preliminary Plus

5th – Naomi Moffett – No Test Group A

5th – Rachel Hershkowitz – Excel Pre-preliminary Group A

5th – Maci Necco – No Test Group B

5th – Clare Ferguson – Pre-Preliminary Group B

6th – Jillian Faletta – Intermediate Ladies Short – Group A

6th – Paige Parlapiano – Juvenile Girls Group A

6th – Alexandra Perez – Excel Juvenile Girls Group B

6th – Harlow Yappen – Preliminary Group C

7th – Victoria Haviland – Intermediate Ladies Group B

8th – Rachel Farber – Intermediate Ladies Short Group B

8th – Rachel Farber – Intermediate Ladies Group A

8th – Natalia Rusin – Excel Intermediate Ladies

9th – Wren Cindrich – Excel Intermediate Ladies

9th – Jennifer Allan – Intermediate Ladies Group B

9th – Kristina Haviland – Juvenile Solo Combined

10th – Sara Neivert – Novice Ladies Short

11th – Kristina Haviland – Intermediate Ladies Short Group C

11th – Kristina Haviland – Pre-Silver Solo Pattern

12th – Wren Cindrich – Intermediate Ladies Short Group B

13th – Adelyn Hoo – Juvenile Girls Group B