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Results from the 2018 Garden State Games


2018 gsg ijs results     2018 GSG 6.0 Results


Jillian Falletta – Intermediate Short

Robert Yampolsky – Intermediate Short/Intermediate Freeskate

Ashley Le – Junior Short/Junior Freeskate

Amanda Hsu – Junior Short

Eliana Schach – Senior Short

Anna Vernikov – Junior Freeskate

Rachel Hershowitz – High Beginner Compulsories

Wren Cindirch – Juvenile (TT) Freeskate

Jennifer Allan – Intermediate (TT) Freeskate

Catherine Chandler – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Kirk Haugeto – Preliminary Freeskate

Makalya Hamilton – No Test Spins

Kristina Haviland – Pre Juvenile/Juvenile Spins

Anabel Baxter – No Test Freeskate

Emma Howard – Basic 4 Program


Kristina Haviland – Intermediate Short

Lauren Thomases – Open Juvenile Freeskate

Jillian Falletta – Intermediate Freeskate

Amanda Hsu – Junior Freeskate

Eliana Schach – Senior Freeskate

Gabriella DiGeronimo – High Beginner Compulsories

Emma Oscilowski – Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Susan Tomaski – Adult Pre Bronze Freeskate

Amy Rodak – Pre Preliminary Compulsories

Wren Cindrich – Pre Juvenile/Juvenile Spins

Victoria Haviland – Pre Juvenile/Juvenile Spins

Jillian Falletta – Intermediate/Novice Spins

Emily Lockwood – Beginner Freeskate

Estella Riley – High Beginner Freeskate

Maci Gnecco – High Beginner Freeskate

Kelly Dudonis – Basic 4 Program

Catalina Narvaez – Freeskate 5 Program

Makalya Hamilton – Pre Preliminary (TT) Freeskate


Anna Vernikov – Junior Short

Serena Decatrel – Open Juvenile Freeskate

Kristina Haviland – Juvenile Freeskate

Jennifer Allan – Intermediate/Novice Spins

Blythe Dudley – Preliminary (TT) Freeskate

Oleysa Naryshkina – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Harlow Yappen – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Catherine Chandler – Pre Preliminary Compulsories

Rachel Hershkowitz – High Beginner Freeskate

Amy Rodak – No Test Freeskate

Christelle Jan Villarama – Basic 4 Program

Victoria Shikata – Pre Preliminary (TT) Freeskate


4h Place – Jennifer Allan – Intermediate Short

4th Place – Manali Patel – Beginner Freeskate

4th Place – Gabriella DiGeronimo – High Beginner Freeskate

4th Place – Jacqueline Lee – No Test Freeskate

4th Place – Rylen Lukanin – Basic 3 Program

4th Place – Megan Lutz – Basic 4 Program

4th Place – Audrey Steinbach – Preliminary Freeskate

4th Place – Makalya Hamilton – Pre Preliminary Compulsories

5th Place – Alexandra Dionisio – High Beginner Freeskate

5th Place – Victoria Haviland – Juvenile Freeskate

5th Place – Olga Bogatova – Pre Preliminary (TT) Program

5th Place – Sarah Fasanaro – Preliminary (TT) Freeskate

5th Place – Ariana Platonova – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

6th Place – Dasha Portnov – Freeskate 4 Program

8th Place – Victoria Haviland – Intermediate Short


Sofia Zotti – Intermediate Short/Intermediate Freeskate

Sofia Cadabel  – Freeskate 2 Program

North Jersey Annual Award Party, August 5, 2018

North Jersey Figure Skating Club Annual Award Party

Join us for an Indoor Lunch Buffet!  (smart casual dress)

Sunday, August 5, 2018

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Washington Township Columbian Club

79 Pascack Road, Washington Township, NJ 07676

(Bergen County off the Garden State Parkway North)

 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Club Members, Family, Associate Members, Skating Coaches and Invited Guests.

*Enjoy a hearty lunch with skating friends.

*Club awards will be distributed.

*Come and congratulate our members who have tested and competed this year.

Cost: $10 per person (5 and under is free)

Must RSVP by July 28 to or call Michelle at (973)696-3714.

Mail payments to: NJFSC, 10 Hollow Brooke Court, Wayne, NJ 07470


There are two opportunities for you to earn volunteer credits.  We need 1 (or 2) family to create simple centerpieces for the party tables.  Also, we will need 5 families to each bring 2 dozen homemade cookies or cupcakes as part of our dessert selection.  Please volunteer using the sign-up-genius link.

Also, we are planning to put together a video/slideshow of our skaters.  Send pictures and videos of your skaters at any/all stages of their skating endeavors to Michelle at before July 29.


See you all at the indoor lunch buffet!

Tests Passed – May 2018


Manali Patel – Pre Preliminary MIF

Gabrielle Dixon – Pre Preliminary MIF

Hannah Peterson – Preliminary MIF

Emily Lockwood – Preliminary MIF

Emma Liao – Preliminary MIF

Erin Liao – Preliminary MIF

Lana Clesca – Preliminary Freeskate

Megan Neer – Adult Bronze Freeskate

Jacqueline Lee – Dutch Waltz/Rhythm Blues/Canasta Tango

(Completes Preliminary Dance Test)

Pamela Federbusch – Novice Free Dance Test

Lauren Thomases – Pre Juvenile MIF/Pre Juvenile Freeskate

Grace Duffy – Pre Juvenile MIF

Samantha Fernandez – Pre Juvenile MIF

Hannah Gallagher – Juvenile MIF

Lauren Thomases – Juvenile MIF

Adelyn Hoo – Juvenile MIF

Audrey Steinbach – Juvenile MIF

Paige Parlapiano – Juvenile MIF

Wren Cindrich – Juvenile MIF/Juvenile Freeskate

Alexandra Perez – Juvenile MIF/Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Anna Ganyeyeva – Intermediate Freeskate

Catherine Orr – Junior MIF

Kristina Haviland – Senior MIF

Savannah Barr – Senior MIF

Robert Yampolsky – Senior MIF