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New Jersey Black Diamonds Earn Medals at 2017 Terry Conners

Congratulations to or Black Diamonds Pre-Juvenile Team for their 4th Place finish and Preliminary Team for their 2nd place finish at the Terry Conners 2017 Synchro Open!

Test Results – November 2017

Test Results – November 2017

Alexa Bruni –Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Grace Kim – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Julia Caley – Pre Preliminary Freeskate/Pre Juvenile MIF

Mia Cappellino – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Jennifer Tuzzo – Pre Preliminary MIF

Katie Wrobleski – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kaitlyn Lutz – Pre Preliminary MIF

Kiley Kochanski – Pre Preliminary MIF

Christina Antypas – Preliminary MIF

Trinity Cirinelli – Preliminary Freeskate

Valerie Woodside – Pre Preliminary Freeskate/Pre Juvenile MIF

Sarah Fasanaro – Pre Juvenile MIF

Dana Hennings – Pre Juvenile MIF

Rachel Shteierman – Pre Juvenile MIF

Serena Decatrel – Juvenile Freeskate

Amy Rodak – Juvenile MIF

Anya Gu – Juvenile Freeskate/Intermediate MIF

Jenna Gu – Juvenile Freeskate/Intermediate MIF

Sophia Farajallah – Intermediate MIF/Preliminary Freeskate

Allisa Conover – Intermediate MIF

Amanda Hsu – Intermediate Freeskate

Aevia Reale – Intermediate MIF/Fourteenstep

Susan Dumont – Adult Argentine Tango

Kristina Haviland – Swing Dance/Cha Cha/Fiesta Tango

Katie Zhang – Junior and Senior Freeskate

Eliana Schach – Senior Freeskate

Congratulations to Ashley Bain and her partner Oleg Altukhov for your Senior Dance at the 2018 US Figure Skating Championships!