Practice Ice

All Practice ice will be purchased through the entryeeze system or at the competition, if available. Practice Ice will be available beginning Friday, March 10, 2017 and throughout the remainder of the competition.

All skaters must register at the registration desk prior to skating any unofficial practice session.

There will NOT be any refunds after signing up for any unofficial practice ice sessions or for missed practice sessions due to any reason.

Safety on the ice is the responsibility of the skater.  Skaters are expected to follow usual rink etiquette.  Coaching shall be from behind the side boards. Coaches are not permitted to be in the music box or on the platform for the officials.  Skaters who are not skating shall leave the ice surface to rest or converse. Only credentialed coaches and credentialed athletes will be permitted in the restricted areas with access to the ice.

UNOFFICIAL PRACTICE ICE:  ONLY Unofficial practice ice will be sold for non-qualifying events and will be done online after the schedule is published and the cost will be $20.00 per session for 20 minutes.  Qualifying event practice ice is detailed in the qualifying announcement.  Skaters and coaches will be notified when the schedule is published and it will also indicate the date and time that practice ice sales will begin.  It is suggested that you log in and purchase your sessions as soon as possible because sessions will be sold on a first come, first serve basis and there is no limit as to how many a skater can purchase.  Any remaining sessions may be purchased at the rink at a cost of $25.00.

Music will NOT be played on unofficial practice sessions.