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Test Results – November 2016

Test Results – November 2016

Alexandra Dionisio – Pre Preliminary MIF

Dasha Portnov – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary MIF

Samantha Fernandez – Pre Preliminary MIF

Ginamarie Kostandi – Pre Preliminary MIF

Juliana Denora – Pre Preliminary MIF

Katherine Judge – Pre Preliminary MIF

Wren Cindrich – Pre Preliminary MIF

Serena Decatrel – Pre Preliminary Freeskate/Juvenile MIF

Aevia Reale – Preliminary MIF

Samantha Sanchez – Preliminary MIF

Catherine Parelli – Preliminary MIF

Victoria Parelli – Preliminary MIF

Giovia Deputato – Preliminary MIF

Jacqueline Lee – Preliminary MIF

Misha Shintaku – Preliminary MIF

Steven Wei – Preliminary MIF

Annabelle Hu – Preliminary MIF

Ava Montaruli – Preliminary MIF

Carolyn Ellis – Preliminary MIF

Mia Cappelino – Preliminary MIF

Vanessa Farfan – Preliminary MIF

Jenna McKlusky – Preliminary Freeskate

Savannah Beck – Preliminary Freeskate/Junior MIF

Talia Kruzhkov – Preliminary Freeskate/Intermediate MIF

Gabriella Rodek – Preliminary Freeskate/Pre Juvenile MIF

Sophia Farajallah – Pre Juvenile MIF

Nicole Mastropasqua – Pre Juvenile MIF

Nicolette Kadenko – Pre Juvenile MIF

Shivani Chawla – Pre Juvenile MIF

Visha Rana – Pre Juvenile MIF

Alexa Bruni – Juvenile MIF

Lia Miele – Juvenile MIF

Rita Cannizzo – Juvenile MIF

Katelyn Edelbach – Juvenile MIF

Victoria Haviland – Juvenile MIF

Alexandros Gaffney – Intermediate MIF

Michelle Mastropasqua – Novice MIF

Kristina Haviland – Novice MIF

Melanie Migliorato – Junior MIF

Farrah Way – Senior MIF

Madison Roberts – Senior MIF

Sofia Zotti – Juvenile Freeskate/Senior MIF

Keri Zhang – Dutch Waltz/Rhythm Blues/Canasta Tango/ Swing Dance/Cha Cha

Ashley Bain – Juvenile Solo Free Dance

Congratulations Robert and Steven & Paige for qualifying for Nationals! Terrific skating by Chelsea and Willie! We are so PROUD of you. Tony: best wishes for a speedy recovery from your injury!