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Test Results – December 2015

Test Results - December 2015

Claire Galipeau – Pre Preliminary MIF
Yasmine Kalkstein – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary MIF
Jennifer Allan – Pre Preliminary Freeskate/Juvenile MIF
Livia Ilasz – Preliminary MIF/Preliminary Freeskate
Victoria Haviland – Pre Juvenile MIf
Kristina Haviland – Intermediate MIF
Brianna Llanos – Intermediate MIF
Alexa Nazarko – Junior Freeskate


2016 Sectional SAA Winners Dance and Pairs

Revised SAA Winners Sectional Championships Dance and Pairs

Best of Luck to our NJ Black Diamonds!

Synchro Season has started! Click HERE to see Beginner Red and Preliminary Team Photos:

Beginner Red Preliminary Team