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13th Annual Winter Escapade, January 17, 18, 2015 at Codey Arena


The 13th Annual

Winter ESCapade Competition

Hosted by The Essex Skating Club of New Jersey

Saturday & Sunday, January 17 & 18, 2015

at the Richard J. Codey Arena at South Mountain

560 Northfield Avenue

West Orange, NJ

Please click here for Events and Requirements

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Test Results – October 2014


Allison Cordero – Dutch Waltz/Rhythm Blues/Canasta Tango

(completes Preliminary Dance Test Level)

David Cordero – Dutch Waltz/Rhythm Blues/Canasta Tango

(completes Preliminary Dance Test Level)

Tessa Lytle – Willow Waltz/Hickory Hoedown/Ten Fox/Fourteenstep

(Completes Bronze Dance Test Level)

Lauren Soga – European Waltz/Foxtrot

Timmy Mitchell – European Waltz/Foxtrot

Julie Neerhout – Novice Solo Dance/American Waltz/Rocker Foxtrot/Tango

(completes Silver Dance Test Level)

Nicole Mastropasqua – Pre Preliminary MIF

Gabriella Perrotta – Pre Preliminary MIF

Jane Kin – Pre Preliminary MIF

Mary Kate Armstrong – Pre Preliminary MIF

Sonya Chekoff – Preliminary MIF

Rita Cannizzo – Preliminary MIF

Hoi Shan Wu – Pre Juvenile MIF

Keira Lau – Pre Juvenile MIF

Tessa Lytle – Pre Juvenile Freeskate/Senior MIF

Talia Kruzhkov – Juvenile MIf

Olivia Helf – Juvenile MIF

Nicole DeLuca – Intermediate MIF

Kelly Lau – Novice MIF

Esther Pesochin – Junior Freeskate

Anastassia Shifchik – Junior Freeskate

Deborah Kopacz – Adult Gold MIF

Nikolett Albrechtovics – Senior MIF

Steven Rossi Wins Gold in Intermediate Men; Chelsea Mishuk takes Silver in Intermediate Ladies at the North Atlantic Regional Championships

Intermed Men

Steven Rossi, Gold Medalist, Intermediate Men (with Silver Medalist Noah Jaffe, Essex Skating Club of NJ); Steven will also be competing in Juvenile pairs at the 2015 Eastern Sectional!


Intermed Ladies

Chelsea Mischuk took first in her qualifying group (pictured above) and then went on to earn Silver in the final round.


Steven & PaigeSteven Rossi will also compete in Juvenile Pairs with partner, Paige Ruggeri (Garden State FSC)

Nikki Albrechtovics takes Gold in Juvenile Girls, Ashley Le Bronze; Elliot Jang wins Gold in Juvenile Boys at the North Atlantic Regional Champs

Juv Girls2

elliot 2014 regionals

Please join us in congratulating our North Atlantic Competitors for their terrific performances this past weekend! Our members earned three medals in Juvenile:

Juvenile Girls: Gold Medal: Nikolett Albrechtovics (2nd from Left); Bronze Medal: Ashley Le (3rd from left)
Juvenile Boys: Gold Medal: Elliot Jang

Results from the 2015 North Atlantic Championships

Please join me in congratulating our North Atlantic Competitors for their terrific performances this past weekend! Our members earned five (5) medals:

Juvenile Girls: Gold Medal: Nikolett Albrechtovics; Bronze Medal: Ashley Le

Juvenile Boys: Gold Medal: Elliot Jang

Intermediate Ladies: Silver Medal: Chelsea Mischuk

Intermediate Men: Gold Medal: Steven Rossi

They will be off to the USFS Eastern Sectionals in a few weeks. Additionally, Valerie Sroka and her partner Samuel Hodman will be competing in Juvenile Dance at the Mid-Western Sectional.

We saw all of our members perform at the highest level and many had new “personal bests”! But what I am most proud of is the high level of sportsmanship each and every one of our members exhibited, BRAVO!

Here are the results:

North Atlantic Regional Qualifying Events:

Intermediate Ladies Final Results

2nd: Chelsea Mischuk (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

15th: Anna Farro

19th: Ava Sloboda

Intermediate Ladies Short Program

2nd: Chelsea Mischuk

17th: Ava Sloboda

18th: Anna Farro

Intermediate Ladies QR – Group A

1st: Chelsea Mischuk

9th: Madison Roberts

Intermediate Ladies QR – Group B

2nd: Ava Sloboda

Intermediate Ladies QR – Group C

4th: Anna Farro

11th: Keri Zhang

Intermediate Ladies QR – Group D

7th: Alexa Nazarko

Intermediate Men Final Results

1st: Steven Rossi (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

Intermediate Men Short Program

1st: Steven Rossi

Junior Ladies Final Results

7th: Fiona Kim

9th: Tiffany Wu

14th: Katrina Wang

Junior Ladies Short Program

7th: Fiona Kim

9th: Katrina Wang

11th: Tiffany Wu

Juvenile Boys Final Results

1st: Elliot Jang (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

5th: Kenneth Lai (Eastern Sectional Alternate)

9th: Jonathan Lai

10th: Christian Villarie

Juvenile Girls Final Results

1st: Nikolett Albrechtovics (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

3rd: Ashley Le (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

14th: Eliana Schach

Juvenile Girls QR – Group A

1st: Nikolett Albrechtovics

9th: Shea Ross

14th: Emilee Rose Rodolfo

Juvenile Girls QR – Group B

8th: Bobbie Waugaman

9th: Summer Kaminski

12th: Taylor Ricca

Juvenile Girls QR – Group C

1st: Ashley Le

2nd: Eliana Schach

Juvenile Girls QR – Group E

18th: Sophia Giralt

Juvenile Girls QR – Group F

6th: Brooke Tufts

7th: Anna Vernikov

Novice Ladies Final Results

11th: Emma Jang

13th: Lari Estridge

17th: Alexandra Zimmerman

Novice Ladies Short Program

4th: Emma Jang

12th: Lari Estridge

15th Alexandra Zimmerman

Novice Ladies QR – Group A

4th: Emma Jang

6th: Haley Yao

8th: Megan Belgrave

Novice Ladies QR – Group B

11th: Olivia Awe

Novice Ladies QR – Group C

2nd: Lari Estridge

6th: Alexandra Zimmerman

 Senior Ladies Final Results

11th: Shannon Tarelton

Senior Ladies Short Program

10th: Shannon Tarelton

Non-Qualifying Events:

No-Test Freeskate

4th: Natalia Rusin

7th: Jordan Schneider

No-Test Showcase:

7th: Jordan Schneider


1st: Amanda Kalluf

2nd: Lana Utley

2nd: Maliah Utley

Preliminary Boys

1st: Robert Yampolsky


3rd: Jillian Faletta

Open Juvenile

1st: Farrah Way

Congratulatons to our 2014 Graduating Seniors!



As part of the United State Figure Skating Program Development Committee, the following skaters were honored as part of its Graduating Seniors Program. Students are honored for their achievement on the ice and in the classroom.

The award program features an online application with specific application criteria and an award program divided into levels. The specific level designation is awarded to the applicant based upon the skater’s highest test achievement or competitive accomplishment.

Following the application review process, a congratulatory letter, award certificate and lapel pin are awarded to the graduate.


        Isabella Smith

        Jamie Moschetto

        Jillian Smith

        Lawrence Lung

        Nichole Tatte


        Julie Neerhout

        Timothy Mitchell

Test Results – September 2014

Test Results – September 2014

Taylor Shawgo – Pre Preliminary MIF
Brianna Llanos – Pre Juvenile MIF
Natalia Rusin – Pre Juvenile MIF
Kristin Donadio – Novice MIf
Esther Pesochin – Novice Freeskate
Associate Member – Virginia Mason – Novice MIF

Congratulations to Kathie Imperatore and Pamela Federbusch!

Please join the North Jersey FSC in congratulating Kathie Imperatore for her appointment as a Regional Accountant and Pamela Federbusch as a Gold Judge!   TERRIFIC!