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Test Results – December 2013


Natalia Rusin – Pre Preliminary MIF

Katelyn Edelbach – Pre Preliminary MIF

Olivia Parelli – Pre Preliminary MIF

Amanda Kalluf – Pre Preliminary MIF/Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Jennifer Allan – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary MIF

Jillian Falletta – Pre Preliminary Freestyle/Pre Juvenile MF

Allison Springler – Preliminary MIF

Samantha Wong-Pan – Preliminary MIF

Sophia Giralt – Preliminary MIF

Maliah Utley – Pre Preliminary Freestyle/Preliminary MIF

Lana Utley – Pre Preliminary Freestyle/Pre Juvenile MIF

Madison Roberts – Intermediate Freestyle

Esther Pesochin- Intermediate Freestyle/Senior MIF

Kenneth Lai – Intermediate MIF

Jonathan Lai – Intermediate MIF

Marcella Paradis – Intermediate MIF

Angela Maliakal  – Novice MIF

Rachel Sullivan – Junior MIF

Melinda Hu – Senior Freestyle

Isabel Tabs – Swing Dance/Fiesta Tango

Heather Feinstein – Blues

Brianne Soga – Foxtrot

Peter Carruthers with Rick Breitweiser

Rick with Peter Carruthers

Tribute to American Legends of Figure Skating




Skatefest Fun!

Snowplow Sam and Tim Mitchell

Snowplow Sam and Tim Mitchell

Test Results – November 2013


Grace Kim – Pre Preliminary MIF

Sonya Chekoff – Pre Preliminary MIF

Emily Gravina – Pre Preliminary MIF

Serena Decatrel – Pre Preliminary MIF

Jenna McKlusky – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Julia Feldman  – Preliminary MIF

Alexa Allotta – Pre Juvenile MIF

Veronica Voronkov – Juvenile MIF

Christian Villarie – Juvenile MIF

Philip Reyman  – Intermediate MIF

Nikolett Albrechtovics – Novice MIF

Angela Maliakal – Hickory Hoedown, Willow Waltz, Ten Fox (completes

Bronze Dance Level)

Megan Belgrave – European Waltz (Completes Pre-Silver Dance Level)

Heather Feinstein – Starlight Waltz, Paso Doble

Test Results – October 2013

Test  Results – October 2013 

Farrah Way – Novice MIF

Rachel Schneider – Pre Juvenile MIF 

Results from the 2014 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships

11th Place: Niki Albrechtovics, Juvenile Girls

8th Place: Elliot Jang, Juvenile Boys

5th Place: Valerie Sroka and Samuel Hodman, Juvenile Dance

7th Annual Ice Vault Basic Skills Competition, May 4, 2014

Click 7th Annual Ice Vault Basic Skills for Announcement.


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5th Annual Skylands Ice World Basic Skills Competition March 23, 2014

Click 5th Annual Skylands Ice World Basic Skills for Announcement

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14th Annual Ice House Basic Skills Competition, April 27, 2014

Click Ice House Basic Skills for Announcement