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Additional Hotel Rooms for State Games of America


Additional Hotel Rooms for State Games of America!

Thanks to the hard work by Wendy Schneider, we have more hotel rooms for State Games of America.

One is closer to the Giant Center and the other is 25 miles from York Arena. Hotels have been pulling out and others did not give enough rooms for different groups and this is the best the State Games Housing Committee could get us. The link for the club is up and has the new hotel choices!  Click here for link.


Park Inn Harrisburg West $113 per night

5401 Carlisle Pike

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Wyndham Garden Hotel $139 per night

765 Eisenhower Boulevard

Harrisburg, PA  17111

Get Your 2013 State Games of America Jacket!

Order your 2013 State Games of America Jacket!

Click 2013 State Games of America Form to order!  Due by May 10, 2013!

May 5th, Ice Vault Basic Skills Competition Schedule Released

Ice Vault Basic Skills Competition Schedule Released. Click HERE to view.

Click on “View Online Schedule”.

Results from the 2013 Morris Open

Results from the 2013 Morris Open

Friday, 4/12/13:

Gold Medal:

Anastasiya Kononenko, Senior Ladies Short Program

Silver Medal:

Marika Miyashito, Senior Ladies Short Program

Other Results:

11th:  Emma Jang, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

12th:  Megan Belgrave, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

13th:  Ava Sloboda, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

14th:  Rachel Sullivan, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

15th:  Alexa Nazarko, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

Saturday, 4/13/13:

Gold Medals:

Jonathan Lai, No Test Boys

Nikolette Albrechtovics, Juvenile Girls Trophy Round and Juvenile Girls Qualification

Elliot Jang, Juvenile Boys

Anastasiya Kononenko, Senior Ladies Long Program

Malia Utley, Preliminary Ladies Test Track

Silver Medals:

Kenneth Lai, No Test Boys

Riley Block, Pre-Preliminary Girls Well Balanced

Bella Tolendini, No-Test Girls Well Balanced

Bronze Medals:

Madison Roberts, Preliminary Girls Well Balanced

Lana Utley, No-Test Feeskate

Other Placements:

4th: Olivia Parelli, Freeskate 1

4th: Riley Marmon, Pre-Preliminary Girls Well Balanced

5th: Megan Belgrave, Intermediate Ladies Long

6th: Taylor Ricca, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

6th: Esther Pesochin, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

7th: Emma Jang, Intermediate Ladies Long

8th: Ava Sloboda, Intermediate Ladies Long

9th: Alexandra Zimmermann, Intermediate Ladies Long

9th: Emilee Rose Rodolfo , Juvenile Girls Qualifying

10th: Victoria Garritt, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

10th: Alexa Nazarko, Intermediate Ladies Long

11th: Shea Ross, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

11th: Rachel Sullivan, Intermediate Ladies Long

12th: Gabriella Patracuolla, Intermediate Ladies Long

Sunday, 4/14/13

Gold Medals:

Simone Kim, Intermediate Combined Dance

Silver Medal

Simone Kim, Silver Pattern Dance

Other Placements:

7th: Julie Neerhout, Silver Pattern Dance

8th, Isabella Smith, Silver Pattern Dance

North Jersey Adults Win 8 Medals at the 2013 US Adult Championships!

Results from the 2013 United States Adult Figure Skating Championships

Gold Medals: 

Pamela Federbusch, Masters Ladies Dramatic 3

Tara Cioppa, Gold Ladies Light Entertainment 2

 Silver Medals:

 Tara Cioppa, Adult Gold Pairs w/ Stephen Trazaska (Washington FSC)

 Bronze Medals:

 Rick Breitweiser, Gold Men Light Entertainment 1, 2, 4

Pamela Federbusch, Masters Ladies Light Entertainment 3

Pamela Federbusch, Masters Senior Ladies 3

 Pewter Medals:

 Rick Breitweiser, Gold Men, 4, 5

Tim David, Silver Men 2

 Other Placements:

5th: Tara Cioppa, Adult Championship Pairs w/ Stephen Trazaska (Washington FSC)

7th: Tara Cioppa, Gold Ladies 3

7th: Kyoko Hikita, Silver Ladies 3

11th: Pamela Federbusch, Championship Senior Ladies

17th: Norie Kashimura, Silver Ladies 3


Register to Tryout for the North Jersey Maneuver Team at the 50th NJ Council of FSC Championships!

Register to Tryout for the North Jersey Maneuver Team:

April 21, 2013, 8:40 am – Skylands Ice World: Tryout for the North Jersey Maneuver Team who will compete at the NJ Council of FSC June 7, 8, 9 at Mennen Arena. (Click on North Jersey Maneuver Team to register)

OR:      (one tryout per skater)

April 28, 2013, 10:30 am – Fritz Dietl Ice Rink: Tryout for the North Jersey Maneuver Team who will compete at the NJ Council of FSC June 7, 8, 9 at Mennen Arena. (Click on North Jersey Maneuver Team to register)

Introductory Maneuver Team – Members may not have passed ANY U.S. Figure Skating tests

  1. Backward crossovers in a figure eight pattern.
  2. Forward spiral
  3. Two-foot spin
  4. Waltz jump
Bronze Maneuver Team – Members may not have passed higher than the Preliminary FS test

  1. Salchow jump
  2. Loop jump
  3. Waltz jump/toe loop combo (no turns or steps in between)
  4. One-foot upright spin (free foot position optional)
Silver Maneuver Team – Members may not have passed higher than the Juvenile FS test

  1. Axel
  2. Double toe loop
  3. Camel-sit-change sit spin
  4. Serpentine spiral sequence (must have at least 3 distinct spiral positions
Gold Maneuver Team – Open to Junior National, Eastern Sectional and North Atlantic Competitors ONLYSelection of this team is at the sole discretion of North Jersey FSC and tryout is subject to skater availability

  1. Any solo double jump
  2. Double jump/double jump combination (no turns or steps in between)
  3. Any solo flying spin
  4. Combination spin with one change of foot and 2 changes of position
Adult Maneuver Team – open to skaters 21 years of age and over

  1. Choice of one: Shoot the duck, lunge, ena bauer or spread eagle
  2. One foot forward upright spin (free leg position optional)  (NO LAYBACK, NO BACK ENTRY)
  3. Jump combination with 2 single jumps – NO AXELS PERMITTED – no steps or turns in between jumps
  4. Circular spiral sequence with at least 2 distinct spiral positions


Tryout Fee is payment to the respective rinks for a free skate session.

Team Member and Alternates are Selected



Test Results – March 2013

Test Results– March 2013

Liana Chekoff – Pre Preliminary MIF

Julia Feldman – Pre Preliminary MIF

Lia Miele – Pre Preliminary MIF

Alexa Allotta – Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Charlotte Davis – Pre Preliminary Freestyle/Pre Juvenile MIF

Aviva Marmer – Preliminary MIF

Olivia Helf – Preliminary MIF

Emily Zhang – Preliminary MIF

Julia Caley – Preliminary MIF

Grace Capurso – Preliminary MIF

Bella Tolendini – Preliminary MIF

Emma Snider – Preliminary MIF

Chelsea Mischuk – JR MIF, Intermediate Freestyle

Hannah Mulvihill – Novice MIF

Jamie Moschetto – Solo Rocker Foxtrot

Christina Dunham – Foxtrot, Fourteenstep

Ava Sloboda – Fourteenstep

Megan Belgrave – Fourteenstep

Brianne Soga – Juvenile MIF/Willow Waltz

Lauren Soga – Juvenile MIF/Willow Waltz

Wendy Drake-Schneider – Adult Swing Dance

Angela Maliakal – Dutch Waltz/Rhythm Blues/Canasta Tango (Completes Preliminary Dance Test)

Bianca Plantamura – Argentine Tango, Quickstep

Rachel Sullivan – Novice MIF, Intermediate Free