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Test Results – November 2012


Emma Donnelly – Pre Preliminary MIF

Arissa Ng – Pre Preliminary MIF

Alexandra Alben – Pre Preliminary MIF/Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Ashley Mooney – Pre Preliminary MIF

Michael Carbonaro – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Talia Kruzhkov – Preliminary MIF

Veronica Royzen – Preliminary MIF

Veronica Voronkov – Pre Juvenile MIF

Annabelle Bunis – Pre Juvenile MIF

Emilee Rodolfo – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Shea Ross – Pre Juvenile Freestyle / Juvenile MIF

Taylor Ricca – Juvenile Freestyle

Kelly Lau – Juvenile MIF

Sasha Kulik – Juvenile MIF

Angela Maliakal – Intermediate MIF/Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Nicolette Suberska – Novice MIF

Gabrielle Patracuolla – Novice MIF

Isabella Smith – Junior MIF

Ariel La Roche – Senior MIF

Hoi Shan Wu – Adult Pre Bronze Freestyle/Adult Bronze MIF

Emma Jang – Intermediate Freestyle

Emma Montoya – Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Dutch Waltz (COMPLETES PRELIMINARY DANCE LEVEL)

Rachel Oberman – Swing Dance, Fiesta Tango (COMPLETES PRE BRONZE DANCE LEVEL)


Simone Kim – Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues, Canasta Tango (COMPLETES PRELIMINARY DANCE LEVEL)

Swing Dance, Canasta Tango,  Cha, Cha (COMPLETES PRE BRONZE DANCE LEVEL)

HickoryHoedown,WillowWaltz, Ten Fox (COMPLETES BRONZE DANCE LEVEL)

Skylands Ice World of NJ has Reopened!

Skylands Ice World of NJ has Reopened!

Check their schedule at

2nd Annual Staten Island Basic Skills Competition: Sunday, February 24, 2013

Click HERE to enter on-line for the 2nd Annual Staten Island Basic Skills Competition on Sunday, February 24, 2013. On-line entry saves you $10!

Parents, Coaches: Click 2nd Annual Staten Island Basic Skills Competition Announcement to read announcement and print a paper entry (paper entry is $10 extra, suggest you enter on-line after reading announcement through portal noted above).

Congratulations to Dalia Rivkin for her silver medal performance in Novice Ladies at the 2013 Eastern Sectional Championships!

Dalia Rivkin, 2013 Eastern Sectional Silver Medalist.

Test Results – October 2012

Test Results -October, 2012

Katie Zhang: Pre-Pre MIF and Free and Preliminary MIF

Sheridan Figueroa: Preliminary Free

Rachel Sullivan: Imtermediate MIF

Best of Luck to our 2013 Eastern Sectional Competitors!

L to R: Dalia Divkin, Novice Ladies; Ava Sloboda, Juvenile Girls; Elliott Jang, Juvenile Boys; Lawrence Lung, Novice Men

Dalia Rivkin, Ava Sloboda, Elliott Jang and Lawrence Lung