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Results from “May Day” Competition


            Dalia Rivkin – Novice Freestyle


            Riley Block – No Test Freestyle

            Ariel La Roche – Pre Bronze Solo Dance (3rd place – 1st dance/

                                                2nd place – 2nd dance)


            5TH Place – Dalia Rivkin – Novice Short/Junior Short

            5th Place – Madison Roberts – Pre Preliminary Freestyle


            Dalia Rivkin – Junior Freestyle

            Alexandra Bellotti – Gold Solo Dance

Results from the Colonial Open


            Elliot Jang – Preliminary Freestyle


            4th Place – Emma Jang – Juvenile Initial Round, 11th Final Round

           5th Place – Alexa Nazarko – Intermediate Short

            6TH Place – Ava Sloboda – Intermediate Short/Juvenile Freestyle

            6th Place – Megan Belgrave – Intermediate Freestyle

                7th Place – Emma Jang – Intermediate Short

            8th Place – Megan Belgrave – Intermediate Short

            8th Place – Alexa Nazarko – Juvenile Freestyle

            9th Place – Megan Belgrave – Intermediate (final)

North Jersey Adults Wrap-up Season at the ISU Adult International in Oberstdorf, Germany

Go Team USA!

2012 ISU Adult International Figure Skating Championship Results:

Kyoko Hikita

5th Place, Silver Ladies II Interpretative

14th Place, Silver Ladies II Free Skate

Norie Kashimura

9th Place, Bronze Ladies II Interpretative

6th Place, Adult Pairs (with Tom Kohl)

Tom Kohl

Gold Medal, Bronze Men III Interpretative      

Silver Medal, Bronze Men III Free Skate

6th Place, Adult Pairs (with Norie Kashimura)

Rick Breitweiser

Silver Medal, Gold Men III Interpretative

Results from the 5th Annual Ice Vault Basic Skills Competition


            Jennifer Allan – Basic 6 Elements

            Jordan Bernstein – Freeskate 1 Compulsories

            Farrah Way – Preliminary Compulsories

            Katie Kreutz – Preliminary Test Track

            Veronica Fuhrmann – Pre Preliminary Test Track


            Jordan Schneider – Artistic/Showcase – FS 1-6/Ltd Beg/Beg/Adult

            Jennifer Allan – Basic 6 Program (Group A)

            Rachel Schneider – Pre Preliminary Test Track


            Jordan Bernstein – Freeskate 1 Program (Group B)

            Jordan Schneider – Freeskate – Beginner Test Track


            5TH Place – Farrah Way – Preliminary Freestyle

            5th Place – Jullian Falletta – No Test Freestyle (Group A)

Test Results – April 2012

Megan Belgrave – Tenfox

Ava Sloboda -HickoryHoedown,WillowWaltz,

Tenfox (Completes Bronze DanceTest)

Bianca Plantamura – Kilian

Nikolina Pakhomova – Junior Free Dance

Amanda Palomba – Pre Preliminary MIF

Veronica Fuhrmann – PPM/PPF

Danielle Chmielowiec – Pre Preliminary MIF

Allison Bottoni – Pre Preliminary MIF

Riley Marmon – Pre Preliminary Freestyle/Preliminary MIF

Michelle Cella – Pre Preliminary Freestyle/Preliminary MIF

Anabelle Bunis – Preliminary MIF

Olivia Cella – Preliminary MIF

Michelle Mastropasqua – Preliminary MIF

Shea Ross – Preliminary Freestyle

Emilie Rodolfo – Preliminary Freestyle

Karen Humphries – Adult Bronze Freestyle

Madison Roberts – Pre Juvenile MIF

Rachel Sullivan – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Nikolett Albrechtovics – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Lindsay Jameson – Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Brooke Tufts – Juvenile MIF

Jennifer Levy – Intermediate MIF

Sheriden Figueroa – Intermediate MIF

Olivia Kozlevcar – Intermediate MIF

Jacqueline Frey – Intermediate MIF/Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Alexandra Zimmermann – Novice MIF

Ayano Endo – Junior MIF

Phoebe Silos – Junior Freestyle

Schiochee Liang – Senior Freestyle

Valentina Rudchenko –WestminsterWaltz – Completes Gold Dance

2012 United States Adult Nationals

12 United States National Medals!

Our 2012 US Adult National Champions:

Pamela Federbusch: Masters Ladies Dramatic III, Masters Ladies Light Entertainment III, Masters Senior Ladies III Free Skate

Tara Cioppa and Stephen Trzaska (Washington FSC): Adult Pairs

Tara Cioppa:  Gold Ladies Light Entertainment III

Kyoko Hikita: Silver Ladies Light Entertainment III

Silver Medals:

Tom Kohl and Norie Kashimura: Bronze Pairs

Rick Breitweiser: Gold Men Dramatic IV, Gold Men Light Entertainment IV

Bronze Medals:

Norie Kashimura: Bronze Ladies III

Rick Breitweiser: Gold Men IV

Pewter Medal:

Tara Cioppa and Stephen Trzaska (Washington FSC): Championship Pairs

Other Placements:

Tom Kohl: 5th place in Bronze Men IV, Bronze Men Light Entertainment III

Tim David: 5th place in Silver Men II

Tara Cioppa: 8th place in Gold Ladies III

Kyoko Hikita: 12th place in Silver Ladies III