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2011 9th Annual Winter Escapade

9th Annual Winter Escapade

Kaitlyn Castelli – 1st Place, Couples Dance
Kyoko Hikita – 1st Place, Adult Ladies Bronze
Katelyn Zincone – 1st Place, Beginner Test Track B
Rick Breitweiser – 2nd Place, Adult Showcase, Level B
Cassidy Herko – 2nd Place, No Test Free Skate – A
Norie Kashimura – 2nd Place, Adult Ladies Bronze
Esther Pesochin – 2nd Place, Pre-Juvenile Free Skate
Esther Pesochin – 2nd Place, Showcase Level A & B
Emily Sorkin – 2nd Place, Basic Skills 3 – B
Christopher Wan – 2nd Place, Couples Dance
Gabrielle Patracuolla – 3rd Place, Preliminary Girls Free Skate
Katie Kreutz – 6th Place, Preliminary Girls Free Skate

Test Results – March 2011

Ryann Johnson – Pre Preliminary MIF

Madison Roberts – Pre Preliminary MIF

Clair Tomari-Leak – Pre Preliminary MIF/Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Michelle Cella – Pre Preliminary MIF

Olivia Cella – Pre Preliminary MIF

Tessa Lytle – Pre Preliminary MIF

Ronit Temchin – Pre Preliminary MIF

Isabella Smith – Pre Preliminary/Preliminary Freestyle

Brianne Soga – Preliminary MIF

Lauren Soga – Preliminary MIF

Catherine Namyotov – Preliminary MIF

Jasmine Namyotov – Preliminary MIF

Alexa Alotta – Preliminary MIF

Eliot Jang – Preliminary MIF

Beighley Berger – Juvenile MIF

Kira Marshall – Juvenile MIF

Rachel Sullivan – Juvenile MIF

Dalia Rivkin – Intermediate Freestyle

Joshua Lidberg – Intermediate Freestyle

Kaitlyn Castelli – Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues, Canasta Tango, Swing Dance, Cha Cha

And Fiesta Tango (completes Preliminary and Pre Bronze Dances)